I had first heard about CND Shellac while browsing through some older entries on All Lacquered Up. Shellac is a high-gloss, quick drying UV gel hybrid manicure that is guaranteed to last up to 14 days with no tip wear or chipping. The idea seemed interesting but at the time I was still not really into neutrals/reds/pinks and it seemed like those were your only options if you wanted a Shellac manicure. Fast forward to a few months later when Michelle did a St. Paddy’s Day Shellac Manicure. The color combination created with the layering of two Shellac polishes was amazing to me, I’m definitely a sucker for greens.

I immediately started scouring my town for salons that offered Shellac manicures. I finally found a salon and went in with high hopes and a full description of the manicure from ALU to see how well my nail tech could recreate it. Each layer had to be cured for 2 minutes under a UV light, but in no time we were done with the whole process. IT WAS A SUCCESS! The combination of CND Shellac Black Pool and CND Shellac Iced Coral created a layering masterpiece. The resulting hue was a slightly frosted, slightly metallic forest green. It reminded me a little bit of Illamasqua’s Viridian (a polish that I still need to add to my stash). And true to their claims, this manicure lasted me about 13-14 days. There was minor tip wear on maybe one or two nails but other than that it held up remarkably well.

For more info on CND Shellac, visit their website here.

CND Shellac - Iced Coral and Black Pool layering