Ruby Slippers
Good Morning!

I know there are a ton of red glitter polishes on the market but I honestly think this one by Essie is one of the best. Ruby Slippers looks like it’s glowing from within! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle (or two) and I’m pleased that I’m able to show it to you all today. 😀

I used Essie Fill The Gap/Seche Vite for by base coat/top coat combo.


Ruby Slippers
Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slippers is a great red jelly based polish absolutely stuffed with gold glitter. The application was once again flawless, I’m starting to notice this as a great trend with the Essie formula. The brush went exactly where I wanted it to go every time.

Ruby Slippers I used 3 coats for full coverage, which is pretty nice for a glitter polish.

Ruby Slippers
Close up for glitter appreciation.

Final Thoughts:

I happy that I finally caved (thanks to the lovely pictures provided by Sam at and added this one to my stash. I assumed that red polish wasn’t going to look good on me, especially a red glitter, and just wrote it off. Well we all know what assuming does now don’t we? Since I put Ruby Slippers on I haven’t been able to stop staring at and showing off my nails to everyone I see. My poor boyfriend has said “that’s nice dear” at least 15 times in one day. 😛

Purchase Info:

Ruby Slippers is a discontinued color by Essie so unfortunately your best bet on this one is getting lucky on Ebay. It is still selling for a reasonable price so your bank account won’t be taking a super drastic hit. :-)