Cruisin' Nude

Happy Friday!

I’m pretty pumped about today being Friday because it’s the start of my weekend. Where I work my schedule is four days on (midnight shift)/four days off, so now I get to spend this Friday through Monday doing whatever I want! I plan on spending lots of time at the beach (weather permitting), getting caught up on some of my neglected video games, and enjoying my time with friends and the manfriend. Oh yes, I plan on playing with a TON of my untried polishes too. ;-)

Today I’m excited to show you something a little different, Cruisin’ Nude by Cult Nails. I honestly don’t think I’ve EVER worn a nude colored nail polish so this is new territory for me. :-D

All swatches shown were done with Seche Vite as my top coat and Sally Hansen Nail Quencher as my base coat.


Cruisin’ Nude

Cruisin' Nude
Cruisin’ Nude is a pretty taupe creme with a subtle pink shimmer. The two pictures shown above and below are similar, but I think the second photo shows off the hidden pink shimmer a bit more due to the slightly changed angle. I feel like we could play a game of “Find The 20 Differences” with this, haha! :-P Cruisin’ Nude was a bit thick but it still spread like butter across my nail, and after two coats it self leveled into perfection.
Cruisin' Nude
At first I didn’t know how I felt about Cruisin’ Nude because I’ve never used a nude polish before and this was practically a foreign concept for me. In the past I figured that if I wanted nude nails I would just not wear nail polish, you know? :-P But after staring at my nails for a few minutes I decided I liked it. I think it gives me the ‘Mannequin Hands‘ look that I hear people mentioning in the wild world of nail polish. ;-)
Cruisin' Nude
Cruisin' Nude
The pink shimmer is what sets Cruisin’ Nude apart from other nude/beige/taupe nail polishes. It’s quite the subtle effect, but in certain lighting (especially direct sunlight) you are suddenly smacked in the face by this little flash of color! I love hidden shimmer in nail polishes, it makes me feel like I’m in on a secret that only the ‘cool kids’ get to share. :-D

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a nude polish with a little pop of color I think Cruisin’ Nude would be a good fit. :-) I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with the Cult Nails brand so far. Maria (creator and fellow blogger) is certainly an innovator when it comes to color selection and variety.

Purchase Info:

Cruisin’ Nude is currently sold out, but fret not because Maria is bringing it back! The pre-sale is available on the Cult Nails website and orders for Cruisin’ Nude should be shipping out in Late August/Early September. The nail polishes retail for $10/ea for a .5 fl oz bottle. You can also pre-order the upcoming Hypnotic Fall 2011 Collection (sneak peek here) at a discounted price of $30 for all four polishes until July 31st. :-D