Awakening, Hypnotize Me, Enigmatic, In A Trance


I hope everyone is having a good Monday so far, I have today off so I’m having a great day already! 😛 I have a few errands to run, but then I’ll be spending the rest of my afternoon swatching and having a Supernatural marathon of season 6. ^_^ Supernatural is one of my favorite shows, so I’m catching up on the previous season before I see what happens in season 7. 😀

Last but certainly not least, we’re at part 3 of my Cult Nails Hypnotic collection swatches (you can see Part 1 [HERE] and Part 2 [HERE]). Today we’re looking at In A Trance, I think this one might be my favorite out of the four polishes. Keep reading and you’ll quickly see why. :-)

I used Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Hydrating base coat for each of today’s’ swatches. Clicking the images will bring you to the original sized photos.

In A Trance

In A Trance
In A Trance
In A Trance is an absolutely gorgeous olive green polish with a golden shimmer. As Nicole said to me the other day, this is such a ME color. I could probably live with only painting my nails with olive green and seafoam hued polishes forever. 😀 This polish was a breeze to work with, the formula was very smooth and spreadable. I used two coats.
In A Trance
Here’s a macro shot. I love that the golden micro-shimmer stays visible no matter what type of lighting you’re in.  Click this baby for some ultimate eye-candy. ^_^

In A Trance + Hypnotize Me

Hypnotize Me & In A Trance
Here’s one coat of Hypnotize Me layered over two coats of In A Trance, I did use Seche Vite top coat because Hypnotize Me dries dull. You can read a more full review of Hypnotize Me on Part 1 of my Hypnotic collection posts. This layering combo didn’t really do much for me, the contrast of green on top of green left me feeling meh.
Hypnotize Me & In A Trance
Here’s the macro shot on this one. I honestly think that In A Trance is too pretty to be layered with anything else. 😉

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed the entire Hypnotic collection, but for me the stand out color is In A Trance (green lover here, I’m a little biased 😛 ). It’s a tie for second place with Awakening and Enigmatic, I honestly can’t decide which of the two I love more! The formula on the three I just mentioned was fantastic, smooth and buttery. The only one I can’t see everyone loving is Hypnotize Me, especially if you’re not a fan of thick glitter polishes.

Purchase Info:

Cult Nails polishes are B3-Free, vegan friendly and cruelty free. They’re also free of phthalate or camphor. You can purchase them from the Cult Nails website, or Retail price is $10.00/ea per 0.5oz bottle of polish.