Blank Slate & Fatigued


Today I’m showing you a few of my Sonia Kashuk polishes that I’ve picked up recently. Actually, I bought Blank Slate and borrowed Fatigued from my roomie for swatching purposes. I’ve turned her into a bit of a polish fanatic as well. Which is a perk because I get to swatch her polishes that I haven’t bought for myself yet. 😛

I used Sally Hansen Nail Quencher base coat and Pro-FX Ultra Fast Dry top coat for all swatches shown here.



Fatigued is a medium olive green with subtle micro-shimmer, this is two coats. I constantly forget that this was a Spring 2011 release for Sonia Kashuk because it would fit right in with the military green trend we’re seeing (and I’m loving!!) for this fall season. Michelle from All Lacquered Up did a great post highlighting this trend on her blog, check it out!

Fatigued is also quite similar to Sew Psyched by Essie. Jen from The PolishAholic did a great comparison post on her blog, which can be seen here. I kicking myself a bit for also buying Sew Psyched because these two colors are so similar! Ah well, at least now I’ll have a backup! 😉
Here’s a macro shot so you can see the silver micro-shimmer, clicking the photo will bring you to the original sized picture.

Blank Slate

Blank Slate
And now a polish from Sonia Kashuk’s Fall 2011 collection, Blank Slate is a gorgeous slate blue creme and I’m loving it! The application on this one was a breeze, and I reached opacity after two buttery smooth coats.
Blank Slate
I wanted to show you another angle on this one. Under certain lighting Blank Slate takes on a an even more muted hue, it really is quite beautiful. ^_^

Final Thoughts:

I only own a few of them but I really like Sonia Kashuk polishes and I’m surprised they’re not featured on blogs more often. So far all the ones I’ve tried from this brand have been well pigmented with a wonderfully smooth formula. I think Blank Slate is a must have for this season, the application is effortless and the color is lovely! If you already own Sew Psyched I don’t think you really need Fatigued. But if you’re considering a military green and price is a factor I would go for the Sonia Kashuk polish to save a few hard earned dollars. 😉

Purchase Info:

Sonia Kashuk polishes can be purchased from Target stores nationwide or on Target’s official website. They retail at $4.99/ea for a 0.5 fl oz bottle of polish.

Chauncey Time!

Chauncey Sunbathing
I just wanted to throw in a picture of my Chauncers lounging on the couch. He loves sleeping all smooshed up against the pillow with the sun warming up his belly. <3