Morning Everyone!

We’re approaching Day 9 of the 31 Day Challenge, and it’s all about Rainbow Nails today! This is probably the most involved and detailed manicure I’ve done in my entire life, I mean this thing took me hours. Again, I wanted to push myself past my comfort zone and try something a little different. I’m a HUGE fan of the Nyan Cat meme so I decided to paint him/her/it??? on my nails since it’s trailed by a giant rainbow. ^_^ If you’re not familiar with Nyan Cat, you can find out allll about it and its many variations [HERE].

Several hours later and with minimal amounts of swearing I recreated the look to the best of my current abilities. ^_^

Remember to check out Cris and Sam’s blogs for their Day 9 Rainbow manicures! 😀

Rainbow Nails – Nyan Cat Style

Day 9: Rainbow Nails - Nyan Cat
Day 9: Rainbow Nails - Nyan Cat
Even though this took me a long time I actually quite enjoyed the process. My lines are a little shaky but this was my second time using dotting tools and my first time using a striping/acrylic paint brush. Practice makes perfect, right? 😀
Day 9: Rainbow Nails - Nyan Cat
Day 9: Rainbow Nails - Nyan Cat
Polishes used for the rainbows/background:
Essie – Bobbing For Baubles, Wet n Wild – French White Creme, Essie – Size Matters, Sinful Colors Nail Art – Sunset, Revlon – Electric, Essie – Pretty Edgy, Orly – Royal Navy, Wet n Wild – Sea Witch

Polishes used for the Nyan Cats:
Wet n Wild – French White Creme, Essie – Brooch The Subject, Sally Hansen – Sheer Strawberry, Zoya – Dove, Sally Hansen – Toffee, Sinful Colors Nail Art – Time Off
Day 9: Rainbow Nails - Nyan Cat
Day 9: Rainbow Nails - Nyan Cat
I did hit one snag though, the damned Nyan Cats. Initially I followed a tutorial that said to paint the nyan cats onto sandwich bags, then when they dried I’d be able to peel them off the baggies and stick them to my thumbs with clear polish. Well, I must have used the wrong type of sandwich bag because those suckers did NOT want to come off, I ended up decapitating both of my original nyan kitties. :-( So in the end I free painted them onto each thumb, and they look a little… cock-eyed. 😉
Day 9: Rainbow Nails (14 Different Colors!)
And here’s a bonus picture of ALL the polishes I used for today’s manicure, 13 polishes in total! 😯


That’s it for Day 9, I hope you all enjoyed today’s manicure as much as I enjoyed doing it! Has anyone else decided to plunge into the 31 Day Challenge since Sam, Cris, and I started? :-)