No Olimpo - Afrodite

Hey Everyone!

Today I’ve got yet another new brand provided by Llarowe to share with you! I’ll be showing you a polish by Hits, which is also another Brazilian brand that’s completely new to me. ^_^  This one is Afrodite from the Hits No Olimpo collection.

I used SH Nail Quencher Base Coat for all swatches shown today. Clicking on any of the images will enlarge them to the original size for you. :-)


Hits No Olimpo – Afrodite

No Olimpo - Afrodite
No Olimpo - Afrodite
Afrodite is a bubblegum pink linear holographic polish, though this is not the strongest holographic finish that I’ve come across. It’s actually pretty weak honestly, you have to strain a bit to see the linear pattern. It seems stronger in the bottle than it is on the nail. 😕 These first two photos are in direct sunlight.

Afrodite was pretty tricky to apply. The brush is SUPER wide, like even wider than the OPI Pro-Wide brush. It’s so wide that it almost doesn’t fit back into the bottle and it makes a bit of a mess around the bottle opening. 😯 I meant to snap a picture of it but I totally forgot. Just take my word for it. WIDE. 😛 I thought the wide brush would spell problems for polish control but I managed to paint my nails without getting too much excess polish on my fingers or cuticles.
No Olimpo - Afrodite
Here’s a picture of Afrodite with camera flash. The holo is a little stronger under flash than it is in direct sunlight.

I had some issues with thickness during application. It’s got a pretty goopy formula that can lead to some streaking if you’re not careful. I let the polish dry a few minutes between coats and I had no streaking. This is 2 coats. What I do like about Afrodite is the high gloss finish. All photos today are with no top coat!
No Olimpo - Afrodite
Here’s a photo of Afrodite in indirect light. It takes on a more salmon pink color in low lighting. And again, look how glossy it is! 😀
No Olimpo - Afrodite
No Olimpo - Afrodite
And some macro shots for you all. ♥

Final Thoughts:

Though it’s not as strong of a holo as I was expecting, Afrodite is still a really great color. I don’t have a lot of pinks in my collection so it’s still a welcome addition. And for as thick as it was it did dry very quickly, it was dry to the touch within a few minutes. I still want to try other Hits No Olimpo polishes in the future to see if the non-holo-ness of Afrodite is just a fluke to the collection. 😛

I do want to warn people that this is NOT a 3-Free polish. It contains Formaldehyde Resin and Toluene, and it has a pretty strong scent to match. 😐

Purchase Info:

Afrodite and other Hits No Olimpo polishes can be purchased through their US stockist, Llarowe. She offers worldwide shipping (although Italy is currently excluded). They retail at $10.00/ea per 6ml bottle of polish. :-D


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