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I was contacted once upon a time by KKCenterhk asking if I wanted to review one of their products. I ended up choosing one of their nail patch designs, No. W033 – a swirling rainbowish metallic pattern. ^_^



KKCenterhk Nail Patches – No. W033

KKCenterhk - Nail Patch No.W033
They took a little while to arrive, which I expected since they came from overseas. The packaging is great! They come in this really cool looking flat packing envelope with holographic lettering. 😀
KKCenterhk - Nail Patch No.W033
KKCenterhk - Nail Patch No.W033
The instructions on the back are very straight forward. If you click the first picture in this sequence you’ll see the full instructions enlarged. This was my first attempt at applying stick-on nail decals so I was excited to see how they turned out! 😀
KKCenterhk - Nail Patch No.W033
That was also the day that I learned I am not at ALL good with applying nail decals. 😛 They looked FANTASTIC on the sheet but man… Applying these things is harder than it looks, at least for me it was. My application turned into a rippled, rough edged mess. :-(

The sheets themselves were way too big for my bitty fingers so I had to cut them down to size quite a bit. I think this product would be better suited for someone with wider nails.
KKCenterhk - Nail Patch No.W033
This is honestly the only picture I took of the manicure that make it look even somewhat decent. I see other people using stick-on decals like this all the time and their manis look fabulous! It must just take practice and patience that I lacked today, lol! My ring finger turned out the best, but the other nails (especially my pinky) were so rippled around the sides. I’m thinking that I didn’t trim off the sides enough to prevent the rippled effect. 😕

Final Thoughts:

I really wanted this product to work for me because KKCenterhk has some really great designs for their nail patches! I don’t want to give up just yet because again this was my first attempt, I’m hoping that if I purchase nail patches in the future I’ll get better results.

I can say that removal was fairly easy. 😛 I just used soap and water and a little elbow grease and they came off pretty easily. There was a little sticky residue left after removal from the adhesive but it came off quickly with a cuticle stick.

If you want to see an example of how these look when they’re applied like a boss, check out Bregje’s post [HERE] at Oooh, Shinies! :-)

Purchase Info:

Nail foil patches can be purchased from KKCenterhk for $5.48 USD and they have an astronomical amount of designs to choose from. Honestly, that site has a cornucopia of beauty supplies to browse through, above and beyond nail art supplies. ^_^

KKCenterhk is also running a ‘Every Day Giveaway’ on their site, you can find out more about it [HERE].


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