Happy Holidays Everyone!

Sorry this post is a day late, but it’s still Christmahanakwanzika season so it still counts… Right? 😉 I hope you all had a great Christmas if you celebrate. I’ve just got a quick post for you today of a holiday skittle mani that I did on Christmas Eve. I used Color Club’s New Bohemian and several of the polishes that Dana (Merry Christmas girl!) sent me last month. I ended up hating it and re-painted my nails afterward because I was being a grinch, but now that I’m looking at the pictures a few days later I think it turned out pretty cute!

I used one of the three stamping plates sent to me by KKCenterHK, the one that has the snowflake on it (B61). The plates they offer are inexpensive, but they do not have the cardboard backing like BM or Konad plates. The plastic film on the plates that you have remove before using them is also ridiculously hard to peel off. It’s super thin, like fine saran wrap, and it kept tearing off in pieces. Even after I managed to remove most of it there’s still a few shreds clinging to the sides of the stamping plate. :( Beside that, the pattern transferred nicely onto my nails. I’ll show you more stamping designs with the other two plates when I have time to try them out.


Holiday Skittle Mani

Holiday Themed Nail Art w/KKCenterHK Plate B61
Holiday Themed Nail Art w/KKCenterHK Plate B61
Let me first mention that New Bohemian is a pain in my ass to work with. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or what, but it was a streaky/gloopy mess. It took me three coats to get it opaque and mostly streak free. Annoying for such a pretty color! :-(

I can’t remember the names of the polishes Dana sent me off the top of my head. I used a holo bar glitter on my ring finger (love it!) from what looks like a foreign brand. I’m holding the bottle for it in my pics. 😛 On my thumb I used a vintage gold glitter by Wet n Wild. And I stamped with the B61 KKCenterHK plate on my pointer, middle, and pinky fingers. I used China Glaze Millennium and Sally Hansen White On for the stamped snowflakes. I then layered Confetti’s Ice Ice Baby over it.
KKCenterHK Stamping Plates: B61, B65, and M33
KKCenterHK Stamping Plates: B61, B65, and M33
Here’s some quick shots of the nail plates that were sent to me. I think only two of them would make good full nail designs, the rest are way too small unless you’re painting the nails of a 3 year old. 😛

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