Hey Everyone!

Today I’ve got one of my recent purchases from Llarowe to show you all, Lynnderella I Can Afford It! I snagged this one back in December along with Gotta Love Brains (which I’ll be sharing soon!). I’m drawing a blank on words right now so I’ll just let the pictures speak for me, this polish is FANTASTIC. :-D


Lynnderella – I Can Afford It!

Lynnderella - I Can Afford It!
Lynnderella - I Can Afford It!
Lynnderella - I Can Afford It!
I Can Afford It! is from Lynnderella’s Funny Money Collection. On her site, she describes it as a “bright green base with several shades of green glitter and just a touch of copper and purple. Also contains holographic emerald green hexagons and green microglitter.



So needless to say, I absolutely ADORE this polish! :-D There is just so much going on, and I love it all! The scattered flecks of copper and purple break up the color scheme a little bit but in the most excellent way. ♥

I used 2 coats of Barry M Spring Green as my base and layered 2 coats of I Can Afford It! over it.
Lynnderella - I Can Afford It!
Lynnderella - I Can Afford It!
This polish deserved not one, but two macro shots. I cannot get over how much I love this! I’m gonna need to you enlarge both of these, get you drool bibs ready girls!

I already know what I’m wearing for St. Patty’s Day this year. That’s right. THIS GUY. ;-)
Here’s a quick pick of my base polish, Spring Green by Barry M. I love this color! It has that jelly/creme formula I love and the color is so bright and grassy green. :-D
Lynnderella: I Can Afford It! & Gotta Love Brains
And some bottle shots for ya, including a sneak peek at Gotta Love Brains! :-)

Final Thoughts:

So if you haven’t realized it by now, I’m pretty much infatuated with I Can Afford It! If I could marry a nail polish we would be eloping tomorrow and moving to the Fiji Islands. :-P

There was no grittiness once I applied my top coat (Seche Vite), and I’m really digging the new bottle shape vs. the old round clunky ones. They fit closer together in my Helmer this way. ;-)

Purchase Info

Lynnderella will still be selling polishes via her blog when she releases new collections, but now you’ll also be able to find  her collections (past and present) at Llarowe. Retail price is $15.00 per bottle of polish on Llarowe’s site and I can’t remember what the price is on Lynnderella’s blog, I believe around $13.00 per bottle with a minimum purchase of 5 or 6 bottles?