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RIP Google Friend Connect – Other Ways To Follow Nails and Noms!


*le sad*

Morning Everyone!

I’ve been putting off posting this for too long, and since it’s the 29th of February I really can’t wait any longer to create this post. As many of you may already know, Google has decided to end their support for Google Friend Connect (GFC) for non-Blogger users as of March 1st, 2012. I am self-hosted through WordPress so this change is going to directly affect my blog.

Their statement:

Google Friend Connectβ€”Friend Connect allows webmasters to add social features to their sites by embedding a few snippets of code. We’re retiring the service for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. We encourage affected sites to create a Google+ page and place a Google+ badge on their site so they can bring their community of followers to Google+ and use new features like Circles and Hangouts to keep in touch.”

Mmmmmhmmm… I personally think that this is Google’s very thinly veiled attempt at getting more people to use their Google+ thing, which hasn’t been catching on quite as quickly as they’d originally anticipated. I also think it’s a shame, because I too use GFC to follow a lot of blogs and I have no idea why they would get rid of a service that’s so widely used and accepted.

Ah well. Since I can’t change it I want to provide the near 700 GFC users (and anyone else!) on my blog with as many other ways and options to continue following my blog as possible! πŸ˜€

Ways to Follow Nails and Noms!

BloglovinFollow my post updates on Bloglovin!

Hello CottonFollow my post updates on HellocottonΒ (also check out the new widget to your right)!

FeedburnerEmail notifications of my blog updates.

Google+Come to the darkside for post updates, etc… πŸ˜›

FacebookFollow my Facebook Fan Page for updates, promos, chit-chat, etc. πŸ˜€

TwitterFollow me on Twitter for updates, rambling, geekery, etc.

RSS FeedFollow this if you’re a RSS feed reader.

TumblrFollow me on Tumblr for blog updates, memes, and more.

PinterestFollow me on Pinterest for any and all things that make me happy. ^_^

NetworkedBlogsFollow me on NetworkedBlogs!


I will do my best to keep all of these mediums updated regularly. I have a tendency to fall behind on Tumblr and Google+, so if you see me slacking feel free to give me a swift e-kick in the butt on Twitter where I’m the most active. πŸ˜‰



Guest Post for Chit Chat Nails! – Cupcake Nails!


Cupcake Nails

Hey Everyone!

Sorry things have been quite on the blog, but I promise I have TONS of great things to show you all very soon. πŸ˜€

In the meantime, please enjoy my Cupcake Nails guest post for my amazing pal Marta on her blog, Chit Chat Nails, by clicking on the previous link or the picture shown above.

From The Vault: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond


Nail Prisms - Diamond

Morning Everyone!

As I was going through some of my folders on my Flickr account I came across these swatches of the vintage Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond that I apparently forgot about, whoops! These pictures are from last August! I was sporting some serious nubbin nails (polar opposite to what I’m sporting currently) and I definitely had my summer tan rocking in full gear. Mmmmm, summer. I’m already wishing for beach weather, only a few more months right? πŸ˜‰

I used Sally Hansen Nail Quencher and no top coat for these swatches. You’ll want to enlarge all of these photos to their original size to get the full detail of each photo. :-)


Sally Hansen Nail Prisms – Diamond

Nail Prisms - Diamond
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond is a pretty little scattered silver holographic polish. It’s pretty sheer, I used 3 coats here, but I love it just the same. I think this polish would look fabulous layered over a nice creme polish, remind me to try that in the future!

Diamond is shown above with no flash.
Nail Prisms - Diamond
Nail Prisms - Diamond
Here’s a few shots of Diamond with camera flash. The first photo is taken with flash in normal lighting, and the latter is taken with flash in low light. The holo really comes out to play in the sunlight, but alas is was probably in the middle of the night when I was swatching (what’s new?) so simulated sunlight with camera flash was all I was able to capture at the time. :-)
Nail Prisms - Diamond
Here’s a macro shot with no flash, natural lighting.
Nail Prisms - Diamond
And here’s one more macro shot, this time with flash. If you haven’t looked at any of the previous photos yet in their original size you’ll at least want to check out the last 2 macro shots. ^_^

That’s it for today. I think I lucked out with Diamond, I found it on eBay last summer as part of a 5 polish bulk buy for only $9.00 with shipping!! If you look at the current prices for Diamond they range from Silly to Ridiculous.

I have two whole days off from both my regular job and the salon this weekend, so I hope to have an EPIC swatching session because I’ve got a backlog like no other taking over the coffee tables in my living room. And I really need to update my spreadsheet. PLUS I just bought 2 more IKEA Helmers, if that gives you any indication of the amount of new goodies I’ve been collecting since my last polish spreadsheet update.

Amanda my dear (one of my BFFs and my polish spreadsheet assistant), we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. 😯

NOTD: Essie Sole Mate From My Secret Santa!


Morning Ladies!

Today I’ve got a quick post to share with you all. I received this polish from my e-pal Blair as part of her present to me for a Secret Santa gift exchange on one of my favorite internet forums. And 2 months later I’m finally getting around to wearing it, hehe! I was pretty excited because I love Essie and she managed to snag a color that I didn’t already have, which is quite a feat when one has 500+ polishes. 😯

On that note, I REALLY need to sit down soon and update my polish spreadsheet. I have so many more polishes than the last time I looked at it. Adding it to my mental to-do list. πŸ˜›


Essie Sole Mate

Essie - Sole Mate
Shown above is Essie Sole Mate in shaded lighting.

Blair did a fabulous job of picking a polish that I would absolutely adore! Sole Mate is rich deep plum shade with red undertones. Talk about vamp-city! The formula is thin (not quite creme, not quite jelly) but it builds up very nicely. I was a little worried when the first coat looked like a streaky mess, but at 2 coats this polish is perfection.
Essie - Sole Mate
Essie - Sole Mate
In more direct lighting Sole Mate becomes less blackened and you can really see the beautiful reddish-purple color shine through. This is definitely going to be a go-to polish for me, thanks Blair!! πŸ˜€


Bonus Cat Picture – Chauncey!!

lap cat
And for just for S’s and G’s, I’m throwing in my current favorite picture of my cat Chauncey and me. He’s my middle child cat and definitely demands a lot of my attention. His daily ritual is to stroll up to me in bed and wedge himself between myself and my laptop for snuggles while I’m putzing around on the internet. This time I caught him in the act. Truly a mama’s boy. β™₯

That’s all I have time for today! I’ve got a looooong day at the salon followed by a midnight shift tonight. πŸ˜• Do any of you have snuggle monsters for pets too? If so, I’d love to hear about your furballs in the comments section! πŸ˜€

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Big Money Swatches & Review


Goooooood Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was pretty fantastic. First off, I pretty much KILLED my nail tech exam on general anatomy/physiology and sanitation that I had to take on Saturday. I got a 94% and only missed 9 out of 141 questions! That definitely put me in an awesome mood for the rest of the day. πŸ˜€ I also got to sit it on a spa party at the salon to observe several mani/pedis, and then I got to do the nails of one of the stylists for a military ball she was attending that night! I gave her a Ruffian style manicure with OPI Happy Anniversary as the base color and a really pretty garnet toned red OPI polish layered on top (I can’t think of the name for that one). She really liked it! :-)

I’m pulling this from my reserves today since I haven’t had time to swatch since last week. Today I have Sally Hansen Gem Crush Big Money to share with you all. I initially wasn’t too interested in any of the Gem Crush polishes but this one just called out to me more and more as I started seeing swatches pop up online. I’m glad I changed my mind because this polish is just so pretty! ^_^


Sally Hansen Gem Crush – Big Money

Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Big Money (indirect sunlight)
Big Money is a bit of a chameleon, depending on the lighting the color of the gold varies from a pale white gold to a rich yellow gold. I love it! And the lavender hued glitter mixed throughout is such a lovely complementary color! I thought I’d seen every shade of glitter this past holiday season but I have nothing like this in my collection (holy exclamation points)! Shown above is Big Money in somewhat indirect sunlight.
Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Big Money (shade)
And here it is again in shaded light. The formula was really nice on this one, I didn’t have to do any post cleanup around my cuticles. I was worried that I would need to layer this over a base color, but after 3 thin coats of Big Money I reached opacity. :-)
Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Big Money (direct sunlight)
Once again from another vantage point, direct sunlight this time. In this lighting the gold really comes out to play here, it almost looks like a totally different polish but the lavender glitter gives it away. πŸ˜›
Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Big Money (direct sunlight)
You get 2 macro shots today! This one is another shot in direct light. And the one below is a shot taken in shaded lighting. Click both of these bad boys to see the photos at their original size. πŸ˜€
Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Big Money (shade)
Big Money is a little top coat hungry, I ended up using 2 thicker coats of Seche Vite and it still had a teeny bit of grit to the touch. To the naked eye it appeared just as smooth as ever. ^_^


Final Thoughts:

I really have no complaints with this one. The formula for Big Money was nice, it was thin but built up very nicely. The brush was great and the color is gorgeous! My only (very tiny) complaint is the price, $6.99 seems a bit much for a .31 fl oz bottle of drugstore polish. Other than that I’d definitely recommend adding this one to your collection. πŸ˜€

Purchase Info:

Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes can be purchased from drugstores and larger chain retailers nationwide (Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc). They retail at $6.99 for a .31 fl oz bottle of polish.

Color Block Manicure with Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed, OPI Did It On ‘Em and OPI Fly!!


Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry my blog has been so bare the past few weeks. I’ve got a big test coming up on Saturday on sanitation, anatomy and physiology so I’ve been putting most of my free time into note taking, cursing under my breath, and studying. πŸ˜‰ I took a study break at the salon on Thursday and decided to try a technique that I saw on Pinterest the other day, a super cute Valentine’s Day color block manicure!

I definitely think there’s room for improvement in my execution of the technique, but overall I’m really quite pleased at the way it turned out. The salon manager took one look at my nails after I was done and just started beaming at me. I think I’ve found my calling Β y’all. πŸ˜›


Color Block Manicure Using OPI & Cult Nails

Color Block With OPI & Cult Nails
Color Block With OPI & Cult Nails
I started off with 2 coats of Did It On ‘Em by OPI, then used the reinforcement stickers to section off my nail before I layered OPI’s Fly over the top. I should have wrapped my edges better thought because the Seche Vite I used between layers caused a little bit of shrinkage. πŸ˜›

I finished the manicure off with a coat of Toxic Seaweed by Cult Nails. This polish you guys… OMG. I’m really hoping I have some time to swatch later today because I want to show you all how awesome this polish is! πŸ˜€
Color Block With OPI & Cult Nails
Color Block With OPI & Cult Nails
Color Block With OPI & Cult Nails
You can see a bit of a polish bleed on my ring finger, but in general I think this turned out to be pretty neat for my first attempt! I love the combination of colors because greens and blues are a few of my favorite things. β™₯

I’ll definitely be using 1-coat polishes next time though because waiting between layers for the polish to dry took FOR-EHHH-VER.

Say it like the scene in The Sandlot, you know you did already. πŸ˜‰


That’s all I have for you all today, I have to get back to the grind with this textbook. *whimpers* Everyone keeps telling me that this is the worst part, and once I’m past this it’s all gravy. I really hope so because having to remember words like ‘sternocleidomastoid’ makes me sad. 😯

NOTD: Valentine’s Day Domo-kun Mani!


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Holy cow, it’s been quite a while since my last post and I definitely missed you gals (and guys!)! Working midnight shift on top of my apprenticeship at the salon has been kicking my butt. Last week I had a chapter test each day that I went in, and when I did have a chance to be home for more than a few minutes (and not studying) all I wanted to do was veg out or sleep. :-(

I decided to brave a little sleep deprivation so I could at least give you all a holiday manicure for today. I wanted to do something fun, quick, and silly. My friend Jamie suggested that I do a manicure with domo-kuns (probably the most adorable made up monster in the world), and I decided to put a festive twist on it. πŸ˜€


Valentine’s Day Domo-kun Mani

Valentine's Day Domo-kun Mani
Valentine's Day Domo-kun Mani
I think these turned out pretty well, I love their beady little eyes and pointy teeth. The one on my pointer finger has an air bubble that kinda looks like a cavity, haha!

I remember seeing domo-kuns online a long LONG time ago involving a very inappropriate internet meme including domos chasing kittens (you may know what I’m referring to, hah!). They then resurfaced in a more mainstream way when Target made it their mascot for Halloween one year. πŸ˜€
Valentine's Day Domo-kun Mani
Valentine's Day Domo-kun Mani
Valentine's Day Domo-kun Mani
A few more shots for you all. I had wanted to add little hearts above their heads so it would look like little bows, but my nails weren’t long enough. :-(
Valentine's Day Domo-kun Mani
Polishes I Used:

Wet n Wild Megalast – Undercover
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – White On
A England – Perceval
SinfulColors – Time Off


I hope you all have a wonderful day, whether you’re celebrating with anyone or not. :-)

My boyfriend and I don’t get too overly involved in Valentine’s Day celebrations. Our plan is to cook dinner together once I get done at the salon, then watch a movies and just veg out for the rest of the night. On the menu is pork chops with garlic & wine, and Chad says he makes a mean acorn squash so I’m pretty pumped about that. And part of me wants to make these frickin awesome looking chocolate domo-kun heart cookies to go with the theme of my nails. πŸ˜€

We usually sneak in a small gift here or there. I got him something incredibly nerdy that he should enjoy. I would tell you all what it is but I’ll keep quiet on the off-chance that he decides to read my blog today. πŸ˜‰

Layering Experiment No. 7 – Sally Hansen Black Tie & Hard Candy Pixie


Allo Everyone!

This post is short and sweet because I am T-I-R-E-D! I went from being at the salon from 10:30am-5:30pm straight into working my midnight shift at 10pm the same night at my regular job. This new morning/midnight schedule of mine is going to take some getting used to. 😯

I did a quick layered mani before I went to bed on Thursday night that I’ve been wearing for a few days now, and or course I got some sheet marks that I didn’t notice until I edited my pictures. πŸ˜• What can ya do?


Sally Hansen – Black Tie & Hard Candy – Pixie

Sally Hansen - Black Tie & Hard Candy - Pixie
I started out with 2 coats of the newish Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polish called Black Tie, it’s a gorgeous dark/blackened teal and purple duo chrome. I then layered 1 coat of Pixie (holo glitter explosion!) by Hard Candy over it.

I know this picture is a little blurry, but this was the best photo I had to show off the duo-chromatic flash. This polish combination is incredibly camera-shy, trust me when I say that the duo chrome shows up much more strongly in person. :-)
Sally Hansen - Black Tie & Hard Candy - Pixie
Sally Hansen - Black Tie & Hard Candy - Pixie
Pixie was sent to me in a polish care package from my girl Dana. πŸ˜€ I really love the micro holographic glitter, and this polish looks AMAZING layered over black. My friend Jacqui mentioned on twitter that this reminded her of galaxy nails, and I can see it. Though this look was much easier to achieve, no sponging involved! ^_^
Sally Hansen - Black Tie & Hard Candy - Pixie
Sally Hansen - Black Tie & Hard Candy - Pixie
If you want to see some pictures of Sally Hansen Black Tie on its own you should check out Nicole’s gorgeous swatches over at Nightly Nails or Mary’s swatches at Body and Soul. I blame both of them for me lemming after this polish so bad. πŸ˜›

That’s it for today, and holy cats are my nails getting long again! I’m hoping that I get adjusted to my new schedule quickly because I have SO many polishes to show you all. Including the The Legends collection by A England, and a TON of custom frankens I’ve been snatching up on Etsy (that place is like crack to a nerdy polish addict)!

For now I’ll leave you with this picture of one of the fur kids, Clarence. My roomie put his hat on Clarence and it’s basically too adorable for words. Ignore his disgruntled gaze, he totally loved it. πŸ˜€


NOTD: Freehand Cloud Manicure with Essence Vampire’s Love Collection


Hey Everyone!

Just a quick post today, sorry it’s so late! The amazing Jeanette (aka The Swatchaholic) was kind enough to send me the Essence Vampire’s Love Collection, and my oh my are these polishes gorgeous! Expect to see swatches and a review very soon. πŸ˜€ I’ve been wearing The Dawn Is Breaking (a beautiful light grey polish with black flecks and silver shimmer) for a few days now and decided to try my hand at Nailside’s Freehand Cloud Manicure using some of the polishes from the Vampire’s Love Collection.


Vampire’s Love Cloud Manicure

Nailside "Clouds" Manicure with Essence Vampire's Love Collection
Nailside "Clouds" Manicure with Essence Vampire's Love Collection
Nailside "Clouds" Manicure with Essence Vampire's Love Collection
This was SO incredibly easy to do, and I love the way it turned out! I need to work on making my edges nice and round, but for a first try I’m pretty pleased with myself. :-)

Polishes Used:

Essence – The Dawn Is Broken
Essence – Into The Dark
Essence – True Love

And in other excellent news, I just started an apprenticeship at a local salon to become a licensed nail tech! I had orientation today and tomorrow will be my first full day there. The first 6-8 weeks will mostly be textbook work and other “boring” things. But after that I get to do practicals and work on real people. I’m super pumped! And I’m also going to be super tired, since I’ll have to put in 20 hours a week at the salon to graduate on time on top of working my usual 40 hour weeks at my regular job (midnight shift)…

But it’s gonna be so so SO worth it. πŸ˜€

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