Morning Ladies!

Today I’ve got a quick post to share with you all. I received this polish from my e-pal Blair as part of her present to me for a Secret Santa gift exchange on one of my favorite internet forums. And 2 months later I’m finally getting around to wearing it, hehe! I was pretty excited because I love Essie and she managed to snag a color that I didn’t already have, which is quite a feat when one has 500+ polishes. 😯

On that note, I REALLY need to sit down soon and update my polish spreadsheet. I have so many more polishes than the last time I looked at it. Adding it to my mental to-do list. 😛


Essie Sole Mate

Essie - Sole Mate
Shown above is Essie Sole Mate in shaded lighting.

Blair did a fabulous job of picking a polish that I would absolutely adore! Sole Mate is rich deep plum shade with red undertones. Talk about vamp-city! The formula is thin (not quite creme, not quite jelly) but it builds up very nicely. I was a little worried when the first coat looked like a streaky mess, but at 2 coats this polish is perfection.
Essie - Sole Mate
Essie - Sole Mate
In more direct lighting Sole Mate becomes less blackened and you can really see the beautiful reddish-purple color shine through. This is definitely going to be a go-to polish for me, thanks Blair!! 😀


Bonus Cat Picture – Chauncey!!

lap cat
And for just for S’s and G’s, I’m throwing in my current favorite picture of my cat Chauncey and me. He’s my middle child cat and definitely demands a lot of my attention. His daily ritual is to stroll up to me in bed and wedge himself between myself and my laptop for snuggles while I’m putzing around on the internet. This time I caught him in the act. Truly a mama’s boy. ♥

That’s all I have time for today! I’ve got a looooong day at the salon followed by a midnight shift tonight. 😕 Do any of you have snuggle monsters for pets too? If so, I’d love to hear about your furballs in the comments section! 😀