Morning Everyone!

We’re almost done with our Black and White Challenge, man this month has flown by! For our Day 9 challenge we had to create a water marble manicure. This manicure is notorious for being a royal pain in the ass for most, and it’s definitely tedious no matter what. But I generally love the results I get after hours of swearing and muttering to myself. 😀

I did both of my hands and kinda forgot a few steps in the process, thus making most of my nails a muddled marble mess (alliteration high-five!). But by the time I realized what I was doing wrong (not removing the layer of polish around my finger before I took it out of the water) I really didn’t feel like doing my nails over again. So it is what it is, and at least 3 out of 10 fingers turned out how I wanted them to! 😉


Black And White Challenge Day 9: Water Marble!

Day 9: Water Marbling
Day 9: Water Marbling
I started out with 2 coats of Sally Hansen White On for my base. Then for the water marble I kinda alternated between using the following polishes in a mad scientist sort of way :-P:

Wet n Wild – French White Creme and Black Creme
Sally Hansen – White On
A England – Camelot
Day 9: Water Marbling
Day 9: Water Marbling
As you can tell, my pinky and my ring finger look a bit murky since I hadn’t figured out what I was doing wrong until I got to my middle finger on my left hand. Whoops. I still like it though, it kinda reminds me of dirty marble counter tops. 😛

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