Morning Everyone!

By now I’m sure that many of you have heard of the “Caviar Manicure” trend that is quickly gaining speed throughout the nail community. Ciaté is even releasing a Caviar Manicure Kit soon through Sephora, though it will be pricey at $25 per kit. 😯

Add to it the fact that they’re sending rude letters to bloggers and claiming that they created the ‘brand new’ look and have trademarked the word ‘caviar’….. Right. Too bad Dashing Diva had a caviar manicure out a year earlier (link [HERE]). 😛

If you’ve got access to an art supply store and nail polish you can achieve the “Shiaté Fish Egg Look” (patent pending… ;-)) for much much less. Check out Jen’s post [HERE] to see how she recreated the black caviar manicure, it looks great!

I had the same Recollections micro-beads sets at home that Jen used so I decided to jump on the caviar bandwagon and see what I could come up with. I’m pretty thrilled with the results! 😀

A Striped Two-Tone Caviar Shiaté Fish Egg Manicure!

Striped Caviar Manicure
Striped Caviar Manicure
AhhhhhH! Isn’t this awesome?! 😀

I started out with my base coat (Cult Nails Get It On) then used 1 coat of OPI’s Thanks A Windmillion, which I then dry completely. Next, one nail at a time, I did a diagonal stripe with a 2nd coat of my polish and immediately dipped that nail into my desired micro-bead color. I repositioned any stray beads with a rubber cuticle pusher and then gently pressed the beads down into the still semi-wet polish to secure them. I repeated this step for each nail.

Then when the first half of my caviar nails was set I repeated the above process (another diagonal coat of polish and a dunk in the micro-beads) with the remaining portion of each nail. Fairly straight forward, right? ^_^

Striped Caviar Manicure
Striped Caviar Manicure
I really like the dual tone look of this manicure! On my pointer and middle fingers I used the Recollections micro-beads in Antique Copper and Capri, and on my middle and pinky fingers I used Capri again as well as the Clear micro-beads (they’re named ‘Clear‘ but they’re most definitely a gorgeous iridescent rainbow hue). :-)
Striped Caviar Manicure
Striped Caviar Manicure
And finally some macro shots for you all to stare at. Click on these bad boys to see them at their original sizes. I kinda covered half of the Clear beads in nail polish but DON’T CARE, I still love the final results. 😛

That’s it for today everyone, I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed creating it. Is it practical? Absolutely not, but see my above comment about the not caring. 😉 This is great for a one day ‘Haute Couture’ look, and if you have a set of micro-beads in a variety of colors your possibilities with this look are virtually endless. ^_^

Have any of you tried out the “Caviar Manicure” “Shiaté Fish Egg Look” yet? If so, what do you think of the trend? ♥


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