Hey Everyone!

I apologize for my almost week-long absence. :-( I’ve been a busy bee and just haven’t had time to swatch or really do anything blog related for a bit! Honestly the past week has been the first time in over a month where I haven’t had to work both my midnight shifts AND do the salon apprenticeship on the same day, so I took the time to just sit and do ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. 😀

I still had to work the salon on a few days but on my days where I was off from both I pretty much sat in my yoga pants and turned into a vegetable at home. 😛 I did some swatching on Tuesday but I still need to edit my pictures before I share them with you all in the following days. So in iPhone picture form I’ll do a brief recap on my Sunday-Thursday. 😉

Oh yeah and this happened…

Diablo III, son!
I may have played Diablo III after my boyfriend gave me a guest pass for the game Monday night. And then two days later I may have gone out and bought the game for myself. I’m hooked. Currently I have a lvl 16 wizard, and she just learned chain lightning. So iiisssh just got real. 😉 If anyone’s on Battle.net I’d love to add ya as a friend! My Battle.net ID is Nymeria#1125. ^_^

Sleepy Chauncey
Chauncey thoroughly enjoyed watching my boyfriend play Diablo III on his laptop. Or he enjoyed the heat coming from the laptop. Whichever. 😉

A Quick Instagram NOTD

NOTD: A England Dragon with Barry M Gold Foil
As always, mixing the nerd with the nails I present to you a quick NOTD. Something I whipped up while I had some down time at the salon on Thursday. I started out with 2 coats of A England Dragon, one of my absolute favorite polishes from my favorite indie brand. ^_^ Then I stamped on the design with Barry M Gold Foil. My new favorite gold stamping polish that was sent to me by the ever amazing Joanne, thanks girl! 😀

Megan's Nails! - RBL Aqua Lily and Barry M Silver Foil
And just because, I’m throwing in a picture of my friend’s younger sister who’s visiting from downstate and came in to get her nails done on Wednesday. I brought in RBL Aqua Lily from home since I knew she would love the color and stamped over it with Barry M Silver Foil. I absolutely LOVE the way her nails turned out!

That’s it for today folks! None of this is really new if you follow me on Instagram, but I just didn’t want to go another day without letting you all know I’m still alive and haven’t abandoned you! 😛 I’ve got the OPI Amazing Spiderman and Minnie Mouse Collection swatches, as well as some comparisons to share with you all soon. Annnnnnd some swatches and a review of Orly’s Feel The Vibe Collection as well. Thank you all for your patience! ♥



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