Allo Everyone!

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a layering experiment post, and this one that I’ll be showing you today is possibly one of my new favorites. This was the base polish combo I was wearing underneath my X-Out Nail Project mani from the other day.

I’m a bit sleep deprived and groggy so I’ll just get on with the photos! You’re gonna want to maximize every single one of this pictures. :-)


ANNY The Answer Is Love + Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Fantasy Fire + ANNY 047 - 2
Fantasy Fire + ANNY 047 - 3
Fantasy Fire + ANNY 047 - 4
I started out with ANNY The Answer Is Love, my new favorite vampy polish of all time. ^_^ Then I added 2 coats of Max Factor Fantasy Fire. The infamy of this polish being a close dupe to the beloved Clarins 230 (aka “Unicorn Pee”) is all over nail blogs around the world. My lovely Esther was amazing enough to snag a bottle of Fantasy Fire for me and I’ve been in love with its layering possibilities ever since. ♥
Fantasy Fire + ANNY 047 - 5
Fantasy Fire + ANNY 047 - 6
The combo of Fantasy Fire and The Answer Is Love is pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! 😀 I love how the multi-chromatic shimmer dances from orange to copper to green, and I got SO many compliments from clients at the salon about this layering in the past few days. Imma need a back-up bottle for both. 😉
Fantasy Fire + ANNY 047 - 7
Here’s a macro shot. Just take a moment to bathe in all of its beauty. 😀

That’s it for today lovelies! Do any of you have Fantasy Fire in your lives? If so, what have you tried layering it with? I’d love to hear your suggestions! 😀