The Answer Is Love - 1

Morning Lovelies!

Today I’ve got a special NOTD that was made possible by the wonderful Sabine! I’d never heard of the ANNY brand until I saw her photos, but now they’ve got my attention. She posted bottle shots of this beauty on Instagram and I was instantly gushing over how gorgeous it looked. The ANNY website has US cities listed on their header but I don’t believe they actually have any retail locations/sellers in North America (someone correct me if I’m wrong!).  Sabine’s a pal and was able to track this one and a gorgeous BeYu polish down for me, thanks love!

Less talkie, more lookie. This polish is just… It is my everything right now. 😯


ANNY The Answer Is Love

The Answer Is Love - 3
The Answer Is Love - 4
The Answer Is Love - 6
The Answer Is Love is a bit of a chameleon. A sexy, vampy chameleon that is. 😛 In the bottle and at first glance it appears to be a metallic duochrome that shifts from burnt orange to a burgundy red. But once I opened the bottle I was surprised to see a dark blue/purple (blurple??) base with a ton of orange, red, and fuchsia shimmer!

This polish was almost a 1-coat-wonder! With the 1st coat you saw a lot of the blue base. And after the 2nd coat you get this beautifully rich, dark burgundy/eggplant shimmering goodness. The shimmer is visible in almost all lighting which was a pleasant surprise as well. The formula on this polish is perfection and the brush is long, flexible, easy to control and holds the perfect amount of polish.

** ♥ le swoon x1000 ♥ **
The Answer Is Love - 7
What’s this now? The Answer Is Love changes its skin once again when under direct flash/sunlight. The purple in the base shines through and you get a gorgeous blackened eggplant shimmer. If you look closely or magnify this picture you can see a bit of the blue base I was talking about near my cuticles.

So this was my first experience with ANNY polishes and I am SO happy I own this little beauty. I think I’m going to have to look into this brand some more and make an ANNY wishlist to see if the rest of their polishes will live up the legacy that The Answer Is Love has created in my heart.

Have any of you tried out ANNY nail polishes? If so, what other ones do you recommend that I check out? And Oh. Em. Gee. you all will DIE when you see my next layering experiment with this polish. I know I did. 😀