Pixi Polish

Allo Everyone!

Today I’ve got some fun polishes from a brand that’s fairly new to me, Pixi Polish! I’d seen their polishes online last summer on a few sites occasionally but I didn’t really know anything about the brand. I was contacted by Pixi and asked if I’d like to try out their line of nail polishes, let’s see how they pan out! :-)

I used Models Own 3-In-1 basecoat/topcoat for all of my swatches today.


Coral Cabana

Coral Cabana 1
Coral Cabana 2
Coral Cabana is an absolutely gorgeous orange coral creme neon! 😀 It’s even brighter in real life and it’s my favorite of the ones that I was sent for review. I seriously effing love this polish! I used 3 thin coats and the formula is pretty great. Thin, smooth, and the brush is firm yet flexible. Coral Cabana dries semi-matte so a top coat is needed to get that extra shine.

Summer Pink

Summer Pink 1
Summer Pink 2
Summer Pink is aptly named because this sucker is HOT! Bad puns aside, this bright neon pink polish is basically flawless. Another thin easy formula that was opaque in 3 coats. I love this one! And just like the previous neon, this one is WAY brighter in real life. You honestly need to see it to believe it. ♥

Mink Grey

Mink Grey 1
Mink Grey 2
And now for something completely different, we have Mink Grey. 😛 This is similar to your plethora of purpled out taupe (aka mauve) polishes that were popular last year, but I really don’t have many in my collection so Mink Grey is a welcome addition. Not to mention this one was almost a 1-coat-wonder! I barely needed a 2nd coat for this polish.

Final Thoughts:

I’m pretty impressed by this brand after trying the polishes that I was sent. My definite favorite is Coral Cabana but all 3 were honestly pretty fantastic. I also like the matte top, it’s easy to grip and doesn’t hold smudges or fingerprints. :-)

I do wish that the price point was a little lower, because $8 seems a little steep for such a small bottle.

Pixi polishes are 3-Free (meaning they do not contain Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene) and they will be hitting Target shelves soon if they aren’t there already. Pixi Beauty also makes a ton of various make-up products so I can’t wait to see what else this brand has to offer! 😀

Purchase Info:

Pixi Polishes can be found at Pixi Beauty’s Official Website and at Target stores nationwide. They retail at $8.00 per .25 fl oz bottle of polish.

Have you tried out any Pixi nail polishes yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the brand? :-)


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