Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio

Morning Folks!

Today I’ve got even MOAR Zoya polishes to show you all. This time we’ll be looking at the Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio! Earlier this month Zoya held a ‘Take Three Free’ Pinterest event where you could pin your favorite polishes from their Beach & Surf Collections. The top three most pinned polishes would be turned into a limited edition mini trio set that they would give away for free! There were only 2,000 mini trio sets created so they sold out pretty fast!

I’m a sucker for miniatures so I just HAD to snag these cute little baby Zoyas for my collection. Luckily I was able to snag one of the sets before they disappeared. 😀

I used Models Own 3-In-1 basecoat/topcoat for my swatches today.


Zoya Kimber

Zoya Kimber - 1
Zoya Kimber - 2
Zoya Kimber - 3
Zoya Kimber is a drop dead gorgeous bold magenta pink that’s filled with a strong golden shimmer. I absolutely ADORE this one. Kimber is so pigmented that this was an easy 2 coats. And for it being a metallic it had an easy formula to work with, no patches or balding/cuticle drag during application.

Zoya Zuza

Zoya Zuza - 2
Zoya Zuza - 1
Zoya Zuza - 3
Zoya Zuza, oh the name for this one amuses me. I know that Zoya likes naming their polishes after women but I’ve yet to come across anyone with the name ‘Zuza’ yet. 😀

Anyway, Zuza is a bright turquoise metallic foil filled with gold and silver shimmer. I had a few minor balding issues with this one, but they were easily remedied by waiting a few minutes before applying my 2nd and final coat.

Zoya Myrta

Zoya Myrta -1
Zoya Myrta -2
Zoya Myrta -3
Last and certainly not least, we have Zoya Myrta. Myrta is a saturated orange coral metallic foil with red undertones and gold/silver shimmer. Do I really need to say how much I love this one? 😉 I had the same slight balding issue as I experienced with Zuza, but a 2nd coat made everything perfect.

Final Thoughts:

I really am happy that I was able to snag the Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio while it lasted. I’d been eying several shades from the Beach & Surf Collections and this was a great opportunity for me to try a few things out. I love all three but if I had to pick a favorite it’d be a toss-up between Myrta and Kimber. ♥

The brush for the minis was fabulous. It was full length despite the mini size of the bottles and it was thin and flexible, my perfect style of polish brush. ^_^

Purchase Info:

Sadly the Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio was limited edition, and once the 2,000 sets that were created sold they were gone forever. :-(

That being said, Zoya has a new offer available to any of their customers. Through 6/25 you can now receive three full size bottles of any polish from the Beach & Surf Collections for $15 + free shipping! You can find out more info on how to redeem this offer on Zoya’s Blog. 😀

I took advantage of this promo too, so expect to see a review of Zoya’s Arizona, Wednesday and Tracie soon!! ^_^