Hey Folks!

Just a quick post for you today. I’m about to take a nap and then get back to swatching. A polish fanatic’s job is never done. ;-)

Ji was kind enough to send some lovely Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes my way a few months back. I hope to have them all swatched soonish. For now, here’s some bottle shots for you all. :-)


Rescue Beauty Lounge

RBL Misma_Orbis Non Sufficit_Stormy
From Left to Right: Mismas, Orbis Non Suffict, and Stormy. The first two are part of the Blogger Collection, along with Scrangie (swatched [HERE]).
RBL Catherine H_Jane_Catherine
From Left to Right: Catherine HJane, and Catherine. All three of these lovelies are part of the Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty Collection, along with Anne (swatched [HERE]).
RBL fortissimo_pizzicato_poco a poco
From Left to Right: Poco A Poco, Fortissimo, and Pizzicato from the L’Oiseau de Feu” Pre-Fall 2011 Collection. Missing from this shot is Più Mosso (swatches [HERE]).
RBL Killa Red_360_Purple Haze
Left to Right: Killa Red360, and Purple Haze.
RBL Locavore_Black Russian
And last by not least, Locavore and Black Russian.

That’s it for today, I cannot WAIT to swatch these lovelies. Which one do you guys wanna see first?! :-D



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