Allo All!

I’m deep in the middle of a swatching marathon (and watching a marathon of Eureka on Netflix!) and I almost forgot to schedule a post for today! I found these photos while I was clearing out my memory card for my camera. I’d forgotten that I’d taken photos of the Zoya Wednesday and Zoya Tracie gradient that I posted last month (I shared a lower quality pic of it on Instagram). Here’s a few better quality images for you all, and I’ll get back to my swatch-a-thon. :-)


Gradient Nails – Zoya Wednesday and Zoya Tracie

Zoya Wednesday And Tracie Gradient 1
Zoya Wednesday And Tracie Gradient 2
I first started with Zoya Tracie (a green shimmer) and then I sponged on Zoya  Wednesday until I reached the opacity I preferred. Though next time I think I’ll try to get the green to show up a bit more by reversing the layers. ^_^

That’s it for now! I finished updating my neglected spreadsheet for my polish, so if you haven’t checked that out you can see the list of my current stash count HERE. 😀 In other news, I apparently crossed my 1,000,000 blog views milestone! It snuck up on me. I hadn’t even realized that it happened until my friend Amanda pointed it out to me. Thank you ALL for being part of this awesome moment and I love you all. Expect some fun goodies from me to you in the near future. ♥

Now I just need to reorganize my Ikea Helmers. Oy…. 😉