Hey Everyone!

By request I’ll be showing you some (not all) of the foods I got fat on to enjoy while I was on vacation. I’m going by memory and what I posted on Instagram so my descriptions may not be entirely accurate. :-P

Get your drool bibs ready folks. ;-)


What I Nom’d

Popeye's Chicken!
Rest stop food here. The city I live in constantly tortures us with commercials for a place called Popeye’s Chicken. We don’t have one of these restaurants ANYWHERE near where I live. So when we saw a sign for a location at a Ohio rest stop we had to take advantage of it. It was everything I’d hoped it would be. Such good food. I got the chicken strips with mustard dipping sauce (mustard is EVERYTHING) and the cajun fries. My belly was happy. ^_^
Pho - Pho-ken Delicious
My first time trying pho! We ate at a place called Gia Lai inside of Legacy Village, one of my favorite shopping spots in Cleveland. I got the chicken pho and the boyfriend ordered the beef pho. It was sooo good, and SO much food! Honestly my boyfriend and I could have split one bowl and been satisfied. But it was nice to have pho leftovers once we got home from the bar later that night. ;-)
Creme Brulee Stout
And speaking of the bar, I took my boyfriend to my favorite spot in Cleveland Heights. It’s a bar called La Cave du Vin, and it’s amazing. It’s quietly tucked into Coventry Village (my favorite place to be :-)) and I try to make a point to go here every time I’m in Cleveland. Great bartenders, a HUGE selection of beers and wines, and really wonderful atmosphere. I seriously would move back to Cleveland just to have access to this place at all times. :-D

This my friends is Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout. OMG. It was over 9% and it was amazing. I may have been slurring my words after drinking this bad boy. It was full of vanilla, caramel, stout-y goodness. I just can’t get over how amazing this was. When I was asking our awesome bartender about this one he said it was like dessert in a glass. He wasn’t lying. ♥♥♥
More La Cave Nummies
A few other adult beverages we tried while at La Cave. One giant wall is devoted to all of their beer choices. You go up, grab your bottle of choice, bring it to the bartender and they will pour it for you and tell you a bit more about your beverage (or help you choose one if you’re overwhelmed). Boyfriend got the Arcadia Cereal Killer and I had the Oliver Beanblossom Hard Cider. The cider was SO amazing and so crisp. I loved the bottle and they rinsed it out for me and let me keep it. ^_^

It was deceptively good and it didn’t taste like there was alcohol in it at all. It was also fairly potent. I’m a lightweight. I slept hard that night. :-P
Sushi Boat - Tree Coutry Bistro
We had a lunch/shopping date with Dana of Polished Claws Up and her fiance at one of our favorite restaurants called Tree Country Bistro (also located in Coventry Village, I told ya this place rocks ;-)). My boyfriend and I got the lunch sushi boat. I can’t even tell you everything that it included (chefs choice) but everything was delicious! I’m thinking the food in the glass was a calamari salad? Whatever it was, it was TO DIE FOR. Also not picture are the side orders of scallop sushi and unagi (eel) that Chad (my boyfriend) and I ordered. Ommmmnoommm…
Almond Coconut Bubble Tea - Phoenix Coffee
While we were shopping I got an almond coconut bubble tea from Phoenix Coffee, it was so good! I need to try to recreate this drink so I can have it at my disposal at all times. ♥
My friend Tammy (the bride) was nice enough to invite my boyfriend and I to her rehearsal dinner, and they served the BEST cannoli for dessert. I wanted 10 of them. :-D
Chorizo and Potato Sandwich from Melt Bar and Grilled
This delicious monstrosity of a sandwich is from my favorite restaurant in Cleveland, Melt Bar and Grilled. They are famous for their big-as-your-head gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. If the name sounds familiar to you, this place has been featured on Man Vs. Food.

They have THE best food and a serious beer list. I ordered the chorizo and potato sandwich (freshly ground spicy mexican sausage, potato hash, sharp cheddar) and added avocado slices and a fried egg to it, via a suggestion by our waiter. SO GOOD. And I washed it all down with a Wells Banana Bread Beer and a B. Nektar Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser (honey and tart cherry hard cider!!). All was right with the world. :-D
Asian Grocery Store Haul
We made a final pit stop to an asian grocery store that I spotted on our way out of town and I bought a few things. Pocky, rice seasoning, thai sticky rice and some ramune drinks. ^_^

Annnnnd An Adorable Puppy (not eaten)

Taylor the yellow lab
And just for shiggles, here’s a photo of my mom’s dog Taylor. She is so friggen adorable and she was pretty much attached to my boyfriend at the hip. Every time she saw him when we woke up she would wag her tail so hard that her entire body would wiggle. :-D

That’s it for our vacation food spam. This was not everything we ate by a long shot. This was just what I managed to photograph before it was devoured. Now I get to spend the next few weeks working off my vacation weight.