Morning Everyone!

Today marks the first day of the 31 Day Challenge 2012 that I’m doing with Sam and Cris! Day 1 is all about red nails, which is probably my least worn color in my collection. But it gives me another excuse to try some nail art that I’ve had on my Pinterest boards for days weeks months. 😛 I decided to attempt the Running Gradient by Katy of Nailed It. ^_^


31DC2012 Day 1 – Red Nails

Day 1 Red Nails - 1
I wanted to play with some of my Rescue Beauty Lounge pretties, and I just happened to have three shades of untried reds in my stash! I started off with 3 thin coats of RBL Pizzicato, which is actually more of a pale shimmery lavender than red but shush. 😉
Day 1 Red Nails - 4
Then I used a thin nail brush to randomly swipe RBL Poppy on the middle third of my nails. Poppy is seriously one of my favorite polishes in my collection. It is AMAZING as a pedicure! 😀
Day 1 Red Nails - 2
And finally, I used RBL Killa Red on the lower third of my nails. It has a jelly finish that I wasn’t expecting so I had to do a few layers to make it more opaque. I think I brought this one up a little too high on my nails and next time I try this look I want more of the 2nd layer of polish to show through. ^_^

Day 1 Red Nails - 3
This gradient reminds me of cave chalk drawings of flames, haha! I want to try this look in ALL the colors. 😀

Well that’s it for my Day 1 look! What do you guys think? The first week of the challenge always leaves me in a bit of a daze but after a while my creative brain finally kicks in. 😛

And as a reminder, after today our 31 Day Challenge 2012 posting schedule will be Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. So Day 2 (Orange Nails) will be this Saturday, October 13th. Don’t forget to head on over to Sam and Cris’s blogs to see what they’ve come up with for their Day 1 Nails!!




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