Today is Day 10 of the 31 Day Challenge 2012, and the prompt is gradient nails! I ended up doing two looks today because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the first one. I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I’m off to see Silent Hill Revelation in 3D with my boyfriend and my pal Sarah! I loooooove the games and I’m pretty curious to see how this second movie compares to the first movie and how closely it relates to the game it’s based on, Silent Hill 3. 😀


31 Day Challenge 2012 Day 10 – Gradient Nails!

31DC2012 Day 10 - Gradient 1
31DC2012 Day 10 - Gradient 2
31DC2012 Day 10 - Gradient 3
I took my inspiration for both of these manicures from my Pinterest boards. Whoever pinned this one didn’t link it properly so I unfortunately don’t know where the original idea came from. :-( If anyone can point me to the creator of this mani, let me know!

I’m not super happy with my results on this one. The sponges I bought for my gradients were too squishy and not the same ones I’d bought last time. I think I still need to learn how to make them work best for me. -_-

Nail Polishes Used:
OPI Jade Is The New Black
A England Camelot
31DC2012 Day 10 - Gradient 4
31DC2012 Day 10 - Gradient 5
31DC2012 Day 10 - Gradient 6
This second look comes from the amazing Madeline Poole! My attempt is nowhere near as gorgeous as hers but I tried! ^_^

Nail Polishes I Used:
Essie Penny Talk
OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
A England Camelot

Well that’s all she wrote for today everyone! Tomorrow we’re back with polka dot nails! Don’t forget to check out  Sam and Cris’s blogs to see their Day 10 gradient nails too.




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