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I’m apologize for how late my polka dot nails post is for the 31 Day Challenge 2012 that I’m doing with Sam and Cris today. I ran out of time to do my nails yesterday before heading out for the night, and this morning I was just a smidge headachey from too many adult beverages. I’ll share a few pictures from my Halloweekend at the end of this post. 😀


31 Day Challenge 2012 Day 11 – Interlocking Polka Dots!

31DC1012 Day 11 Polka Dots - 1
31DC1012 Day 11 Polka Dots - 2
Ever since I saw Slacquerr do these interlocking dots I have been obsessed with them! It’s such a fun way to do polka dot nails and the possibilities are endless! This particular design originated at Nail Polish Wars who also has a great tutorial on her blog. ^_^

31DC1012 Day 11 Polka Dots - 3
31DC1012 Day 11 Polka Dots - 4
31DC1012 Day 11 Polka Dots - 5
I used Rescue Beauty Lounge Abi and Santa Fe with dotting tools. I was going for a Fall look but it kinda reminds me of the colors for Nickelodeon, haha!


Finn and Princess Bubblegum - nailsandnoms
And here’s the boyfriend and I as Finn the Human and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time!! I’m really happy with how our costumes turned out this year. Didn’t win any costume contests but we still had a lot of fun. A few people even recognized who we were supposed to be, hehe. 😛

Yes, that is a Game of Thrones poster and a STFU cross-stitch on the wall behind us. My roomies and I are a bunch-o-nerds. 😀
Princess Bubblegum - nailsandnoms
A better photo so you can all see my awesome strawberry milk pink wig, complete with and Abby photo-bomb. 😉 I can’t believe I only spent $13 for it on eBay!!
Finn and Waluigi - nailsandnoms
One more of the boyfriend and our friend Mark who was dressed as Waluigi. ^_^

That’s it for today! I promise my next post for the challenge will be on time, hah! 😛 Don’t forget to check out  Sam and Cris’s blogs to see their Day 11 polka dot nails too!



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