Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Today I’m back with Sam and Cris for Day 3 of the 31 Day Challenge 2012 with our yellow nails! Yellow is one of my absolute favorite nail polish colors so I had a lot of fun trying to come up with what to do. Now that I think about it, I should have done yellow cupcakes or something since today is my birthday. Ah well, hindsight and such. 😛

And once again I’m typing this in the middle of the night so let’s keep my intro short and sweet. 😉


31DC2012 Day 3 – Candy Stripe Yellow Nails

Day 3 Yellow Nails - 7
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 8
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 9
May I present to you, mah candy nails! Well, I think they look like candy anyway. 😛 I started off with 1 coat of Finger Paints Catwalk Queen, a murky mustard yellow creme. Catwalk Queen is one of my favorite yellows, and I love that it’s usually a one coater for me. My bottle of it has turned some scary brownish orange color but the polish itself still looks the same. O.o
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 10
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 11
Then I used a medium-sized striping brush and added Cult Nails Feel Me Up (a daffodil yellow crelly), Catrice Sunny Side (a gorgeous yellow shimmer, thanks again Andrea!), and Essence Mellow Yellow (a pale yellow creme).
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 1
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 2
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 3
And theeeeeeeennn I decided that I wanted to use my A48 nail plate some more. 😀 This is the same nail plate that has the koi fish on it that I used for my Day 2 nails. It had this patchwork stitch pattern on it that I thought was super cute and I think it looks pretty awesome with the different yellows in this manicure. :-)
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 4
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 5
Day 3 Yellow Nails - 6
I used Milani White on White (surprise, surprise…) for the stamping. I think this nail plate and I have a lot of fun stamping in our future. 😀

That’s it for Day 3! Don’t forget to check out  Sam and Cris’s blogs to see their Day 3 nails!

P.S. Anyone watching the season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead tonight!! I know I am and I cannot wait to see Michonne in the flesh!! 😀