Morning Lovelies!!

Sam, Cris and I are back again with Day 5 of the 31 Day Challenge 2012 with our blue nails! Blue is one of my absolute favorite colors, and I knew exactly what I wanted to wear from the start of the challenge for this day. ^_^

I’ve been a huge fan of Pretty and Polished for quite some time, and I’ve been following her P&P Zodiac collection (a new one is released with each new Zodiac sign monthly I believe) for a few months. I knew that as soon as she released her Libra themed nail polish that I would HAVE to buy it no matter what. And I happened to luck out once Libra Scales was announced, because it is BEAUTIFUL! 😀


31 Day Challenge 2012 – Blue Nails with Libra Scales!!

31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 1
31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 3
How phucken gorgeous is this nail polish?!?! 😀 Libra Scales is a deep blue jelly that’s filled with blue glitter, shimmer, flakies, etc. You name it, it’s probably in there! I started off with 3 thin coats of Orly Royal Navy as my base color, which is my new favorite blue jelly polish to use as a base. It has just a hint of subtle silver shimmer and the formula is perfection!
31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 2
31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 4
After I let Royal Navy dry for a few minutes, I then topped it off with just a single coat of Pretty & Polished Libra Scales. The coverage is amazing! And then I decided that something was missing still… MATTE TOP COAT! 😀

Pretty & Polished Libra Scales – Mattified

31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 5 Matte
31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 6 Matte
31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 7 Matte
Libra Scales is gorgeous on its own, and I honestly don’t know whether I like it better shiny or with matte top coat! I used Essie Matte About You top coat here. I adore the frosted over look with the glitter chunks suspended in the jelly finish. *le swoon*
31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 8 Matte
31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - 9 Matte
I ended up leaving my fingers matte, and I did the exact same manicure with shiny top coat on my toes. It’s rare that my fingers match my toes but I loved this polish that much!

Orly – Royal Navy

31DC2012 Day 5 Blue Nails - ORLY Royal Navy
And just for shiggles, here’s a photo of Orly Royal Navy on its own. You can see the silver shimmer best on my pointer and ring fingers. It’s incredibly subtle but gorgeous. ^_^

Dassit for today folks! I hope you loved this as much as I do! I almost feel like I’m gonna need a backup bottle for Libra Scales AND Royal Navy, I love these nail polishes that much. ♥

If you’re looking to get your hands on Libra Scales or any of the other polishes from the Zodiac collection it is an exclusive to the Pretty & Polished Etsy Shop. ^_^

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