Hey Everyone!

I’m a ball of emotion here, haha! On October 10th of 2011 I embarked on my first nail art challenge, and my first major foray into nail art in general with Cris/Let Them Have Polish and Sam/The Nailasaurus. It was exciting, hectic, stressful, fun, and a great experience!

Well guess what?

We all decided that we’re crazy enough to join forces yet again to do the 31 Day Challenge once more! 😀 My heart is seriously fluttering thinking about it right now. 😛

We’re doing things a little differently this year since we’re all at busy times in our lives. The first post for Day 1 will be tomorrow since it’s the anniversary of our 31 Day Challenge from last year. Then after that we will have a schedule of a new challenge day post on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday of each week. That’s the tentative plan that we all agreed on anyway. If we have to alter that I will let you all know! I can’t wait to see what Cris and Sam come up with and I’ll see you all tomorrow for my Day 1 Red Nails!! 😀

If you missed out last year (or you want to refresh your memory 😉 ) you can check out my 31 Day Challenge Nails from 2011 [HERE]. ^_^


31 day challenge