Morning Lovelies!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was nice and relaxing. I marathoned my way through Season 7 of Supernatural with my friend Sarah. We turned it into a bit of a drinking game with blood-orange mimosas and Sarah brought over pumpkin spice cookies, it was a good night. 😀

While we were drinking and watching the show I managed to get a bit of swatching done (hell yeah multitasking!) and came across this manicure from my nail board on Pinterest. The original comes from Color-Happy’s blog as part of her 31-Day Challenge. I love the mixture of the splatter and the solid line, so I decided to try my hand at it…. But with a twist. 😀


Blue and White Saran Wrap Mani

Blue Bar Saran Mani 1
I decided to use Milani White On The Spot as my base and the September Birchbox Color Club Insta-This as my alternate color instead of using black. I also used the saran wrap method for the marbled pattern instead of a straight up splatter since I didn’t have any straws at the time. 😀

Blue Bar Saran Mani 2

You can also see that I didn’t reverse the pattern on my ring finger like the original design because I forgot totally did that on purpose. 😉

I really liked how simple this look was to recreate, even with my goofs completely intentional alterations. It reminds me of Bone China dinnerware. Next time I do this I think I will try it with the splatter technique and use black and white nail polish to see how it turns out. ^_^