Cagedbird 1

Morning Everyone!

I have two nail polishes to show you from Cagedbird Nail Lacquer today. Cagedbird is an indie brand that is new to me. From her Etsy page she described Cagedbird Nail Lacquer as “a variety of both handmade from scratch nail lacquers and custom blended nail lacquers using craft and cosmetic grade glitters with existing polishes.”

Sarah (the lady behind Cagedbird) sent me two of her polishes for review, Antoinette and Rose Gold. Let’s move on to the swatches! ๐Ÿ˜€



Antoinette 1
Antoinette 2
Antoinette 3
Antoinette is a very sheer cream nail lacquer containing gold, rose pink, pastel blue holo and pink holo glitter, fine iridescent glitter and silver glitter. Antoinette is also my middle name (yes… my name is Marie Antoinette, for real. :-P) so I’m already partial to this polish! I ended up trying out Antoinette on its own this time around and I used 4 coats here. You can still see a bit of VNL but it doesn’t bother me. Next time I’ll layer it over a pale blue, jelly white or pink and see what it looks like. ๐Ÿ˜€

I love love LOVE the mix of glitters in Antoinette. It’s such a delicate polish and it makes me crave french macarons. ๐Ÿ˜€ Application was pretty good, it has a thicker formula but it was still easy to apply. Dry time was a little slower than usual but I also had on 4 coats of polish.

Rose Golden

Rose Gold over L'Oreal Cockatoo's Mystery 1
Rose Gold over L'Oreal Cockatoo's Mystery 2
Rose Gold over L'Oreal Cockatoo's Mystery 3
Rose Golden is a mix of metallic glitter in both medium yellow gold hexes and rose pink in various sizes. I loooooove this one! This is just 1 coat of Rose Golden over L’Oreal Cockatoo’s Mystery. Rose Golden has such a heavy glitter ratio you could probably reach opacity with it alone after 2-3 coats.

This one was an absolute breeze to apply and I didn’t have any issues with glitter placement (no ‘dabbing’ is necessary).
L'Oreal Cockatoo's Mystery
Here’s a swatch of L’Oreal Cockatoo’s Mystery by itself. It’s a pretty muted taupe/greige from their LE Project Runway collection (borrowed from my fellow lacquerhead/knitting/crochet machine roomie :-P).
Cagedbird 2
And here’s one more bottle shot of Antoinette and Rose Golden for you. I love the mini bottle shapes and the cute ribbons!


Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed both of these polishes. Both Antoinette and Rose Golden had great formulas, good brushes and I really have no complaints. I also like the fact that they provide the full list of ingredients for their polishes on each product link. Cagedbird Nail Lacquer is on my radar now. So I’ll have to browse her Etsy shop to see what other goodies Sarah has to offer from now on. ^_^

Purchase Info:

Rose Golden and Antoinette can be purchased from the Cagedbird Nail Lacquer Etsy Shop. They retail at $5.00/ea for the 5ml bottles and $10.00/ea for the 15ml bottles. The shop looks a little bare-bones right now but you can follow Cagedbird on theirย Facebook Fanpage to stay updated on restocks and any other news. ^_^




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