Contrary Polish Bottle Shots

Morning Everyone!

Today I’ve got Contrary Polish swatches to share with the class. 😛 This is another Indie line that is brand new to me. These lovely polishes arrived with my EPIC nail mail from Llarowe. I’m still slowly working my way though that pile, haha!

I’m pretty excited about these polishes because they’re another Indie brand that has stepped out of the glitter market. All six of the polishes I was sent for review are gorgeous jelly or jelly-creme hybrid shimmers! Let’s move on to the swatches shall we? 😀


Gilded Oak

Gilded Oak 1
Gilded Oak 2
Gilded Oak 3
Gilded Oak is a gorgeous ‘plummy brown with golden shimmer’. I love the depth here! It has a thin formula but it’s easy to work with. I used 3 thin coats for opacity. Just look at the shimmer in that macro shot!! ♥


Firebrand 1
Firebrand 2
Firebrand 3
Firebrand is my kind of red! She’s a deep raspberry jelly (YASSS) with red, orange and pink shimmer. Amazing formula, and again easy to work with. Since it’s a jelly finish, make sure you’re waiting a few minutes between coats to avoid cuticle drag. This is 3 coats.

Purple Smoke

Purple Smoke 1
Purple Smoke 2
Purple Smoke 3
Purple Smoke is described as a ‘blue grey with purple and blue shimmer’. This one has a jelly-creme hybrid finish, my favorite kind! I love the subtle shimmer in this one. This is 3 coats.

Bright Night

Bright Night  1
Bright Night  2
Bright Night  3
Bright Night is a ‘deep blue jelly with aqua and silver shimmer’. I am a sucker for these blue jelly/shimmer combos, so I obviously love this one. Anything that even remotely reminds me of the much sought after Essie Starry Starry Night is a win in my books. This is 3 coats. There’s a little VNL so you’ll probably need to layer this or do 4 coats to reach full opacity.

Inky Fingers

Inky Fingers 1
Inky Fingers 2
Inky Fingers 3
Inky Fingers is a gorgeous polish! This one is a blurple (blue/purple) jelly-creme hybrid with blue and green shimmer. It’s absolutely stunning and I love that the shimmer shows up in almost all light settings. ^_^

I used 3 coats here, but I would have been able to get away with 2 if I’d waited a bit between coats.

Creeping Moss

Creeping Moss 1
Creeping Moss 2
Creeping Moss 3
Creeping Moss is Fall in a bottle! This one is described as ‘olive green with pink and copper shimmer’, but it looks more brown with olive green undertones to me. Whatever color it is, I frickin LOVE it! This one has the thinnest formula of them all but still reached opacity at 3 coats. ^_^

Final Thoughts:

Wow! What’s not to love about these polishes!? Shimmer and jelly-creme formulas are at the top of my favorite polish finish list, so these beauties by Contrary Polish really hit the spot for me! It’s hard to name a favorite, but if I had to choose my top picks would be and Creeping Moss, Gilded Oak, Firebrand and Inky Fingers since they are the most unique to my polish collection.

Purchase Info:

You can purchase full sized bottles of Contrary Polish through Llarowe. They retail at $11.00 per 15ml bottle of polish.

For mini bottles and invoicing for custom orders, you can contact Carrie at the Contrary Polish blog. You can also find updates and news on upcoming collections there too, as well as the Contrary Polish Facebook Fanpage.

Contrary Polish is a 3-Free brand. :-)



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