New Takko Lacquer Fall 2012 Collection

Morning Lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a great Wednesday! I’m pretty pumped because American Horror Story (wiki|FX site) is having their season 2 premier tonight!! Sadly I have to work so I’ll miss most of it but I have my DVR set. Did anyone else see the season 3 premier of The Walking Dead (wiki|AMC site) this past Sunday? HOLY CRAP. 😯 I’m a HUGE fan of the graphic novel series and I was pretty displeased with season 2 (aka, the longest farm visit ever and how hard is it to keep an eye on Carl?!), but this first episode of season 3 definitely made up for it. 😀

Today I’m also excited to be able to share the new Takko Lacquer collection with you!! Sheryl blew me away with her last collection from this summer so when she contacted me with news of her four new pretties I was already getting excited before I even knew what they looked like! Then she posted her inspiration boards on her blog and I just about died. 😛

Well these pretties showed up at my home on Monday and I had to… HAAADDD TO swatch them right away. This is a VERY picture heavy post so I’ll be putting the images behind a cut today. I’m going to show you everything on its own AND also layered over black because…. oh man, they’re glorious! Let’s get right into it, shall we?


To Infinity And Beyond

To Infinity And Beyond - 1
To Infinity And Beyond - 5
To Infinity And Beyond - 3
To Infinity And Beyond - 6
To Infinity And Beyond is a smoky purple and peacock green strong duochrome filled with scattered holographic shimmer. OMG Y’ALL. I think I died and went to heaven with this polish! This is 2 coats of To Infinity And Beyond by itself. Just look at that color shift! It had the thickest formula out of the collection but it was not hard to work with. Think the thickness of her last collection.
To Infinity And Beyond - Alt Lighting 1
To Infinity And Beyond - Alt Lighting 2
Here’s To Infinity And Beyond under alternative lighting with my light box, you can see the holo shimmer much better here. Let’s pretend this is what it might look like in natural sunlight. 😉

Jimi’s Jacket

Jimi's Jacket - 3
Jimi's Jacket - 4
Jimi's Jacket - 6
Jimi’s Jacket is a gorgeous sapphire blue jelly-creme hybrid that’s jam-packed with gold shimmer and real 14k gold flakes! I really liked this one! I used 3 coats here, but I probably could have gotten away with 2 if I had waited a little longer between coats.

Jimi’s Jacket has a thicker formula as well, but it’s workable. There’s a little VNL in these photos that’s not noticeable in person, but if you’re worried about you can always layer this over a blue “underwear” nail polish. :-)

Ooh La La!

Ooh La La! - 1
Ooh La La! - 2
Ooh La La! - 3
Ooh La La! - 4
As I was swatching Ooh La La! the other night, I had to take a break and post a photo on Instagram because I was just that excited! Ooh La La! is a beautiful amethyst purple with a strong turquoise blue shimmer and pinkish orange flakies. Let me reiterate, Oh. My. Glob. This polish is aptly named because I was literally drooling at my nails when I had this baby on them. 😉

The formula for Ooh La La! is a sheer jelly, so it did take 4 thin coats to build up the opacity (waiting a minute or two between coats). If you were to layer this over another purple shade I’m sure it would look amazing! I’ll have to try it soon! :-)

Strangely Delicious

Strangely Delicious - 1
Strangely Delicious - 2
Strangely Delicious - 3
Strangely Delicious - 5
And last, but certainly not least, we have Strangely Delicious. This juicy orange nail polish is full of lime green shimmer. It has the thinnest formula out of the bunch and takes some patience to work with, but it’s still a keeper for me. It has a tendency to be ever so slightly brush stroke-y if you’re not careful during application. I find that painting to two outer side walls of your nail first and then finishing with a precise stroke down the center of your nail eliminates most of that issue. This is 3-4 careful coats. ^_^

I think that while Strangely Delicious looks gorgeous on its own, I will be layering it with ALL the colors to save polish. This one has a delicate and soft look that I really enjoy. :-)

And now some layerings! 😀

To Infinity And Beyond over A England Camelot

To Infinity And Beyond over A England Camelot - 1
To Infinity And Beyond over A England Camelot - 2
To Infinity And Beyond over A England Camelot - 3
Here’s a look at To Infinity And Beyond layered over black polish, I used A England Camelot (my favorite black creme). The color shift is slightly darker and even stronger here! Both the green and purple pop a little more. Me gusta!
To Infinity And Beyond over A England Camelot - Alt Lighting
And here’s a shot of To Infinity And Beyond layered over black in alternative lighting. This is 1 coat over black.

Jimi’s Jacket over A England Camelot

Jimi's Jacket over A England Camelot - 1
Jimi's Jacket over A England Camelot - 2
Jimi's Jacket over A England Camelot - 3
Jimi’s Jacket (1 coat) over black is like a whole new nail polish! The gold shimmer and flakes are much more prominent and that inky blue glint you can just see ever so slightly in the light is to die for! I really love how this one looks on its own AND layered. *drools*

Ooh La La! over A England Camelot

Ooh La La! over A England Camelot - 1
Ooh La La! over A England Camelot - 2
It’s hard to believe that this is even the same polish as Ooh La La! above! This is again 1 coat over black and wow does the blue come out to play here! The flakies really pop as well. 😀

Strangely Delicious over A England Camelot

Strangely Delicious over A England Camelot - 1
Strangely Delicious over A England Camelot - 2
And finally, 1 coat of Strangely Delicious over black. No more brush strokes and hello green! I love, LOVE Strangely Delicious in this layering. If I had shown your this polish without the bottle shots and told you it’s normally orange you would never have believed me. 😛

Takko Lacquer New Collection - October 1
And one more shot of all four gorgeous polishes. ^_^

Final Thoughts:

I can honestly say that I am once again quite pleased with what Sheryl has created here. The range in her collection of now twelve nail polishes runs the gamut and with these last four it honestly feels like I’m getting eight polishes instead of four! The layering possibilities are endless, and it helps that all four look great on their own as well.

My top picks are…. er… All of them, haha. Sorry, I can’t really narrow it down this time! 😛 And even though Strangely Delicious can be a little tricky I still absolutely love it, it just needs a little more patience than the other three. I still can’t believe how different all but To Infinity And Beyond look layered over black! You all can expect some layering experiments with these bad boys in the near future. :mrgreen:

Purchase Info:

Takko Lacquer nail polishes can be purchased at the Takko Lacquer Etsy Shop! They retail at $15.00 per .5 fl oz bottle of polish. She DOES offer international shipping! Check out her shop policy page for more details on that.

And to celebrate the release of this new collection on Friday, October 19th, Sheryl will be offering FREE SHIPPING and REDUCED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for all of her existing polishes this weekend while supplies last! 😀

So mark your calendars and set an alarm ladies, the shop is set to open around 1pm EST on 10/19. Are you going to try to snag some of the newbies or will you be looking for something from her previous collection? ^_^

To keep up to date with restocking news and other updates you can follow the Takko Lacquer Blog, the Etsy Shop or her new Twitter account!




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