Pixi Fall 2012

Morning Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great week so far. Two of my favorite shows had their season premiers in the past few days. Dexter was on the 30th (holy crap!) and season 8 of Supernatural premiered last night! It’s on my DVR and it’s the first thing I’m watching when I get home from my midnight shift on Thursday morning!! October is seriously the best, all of my fave shows are coming back this month! I cannot WAIT for season 3 of The Walking Dead to start because I absolutely love this section in the graphic novels (oh haaaay Michonne and OMG THE PRISON!). And then a few days later season 2 of American Horror Story begins!! 😀

Now that I’m done rambling, I’ve got three great polishes from the Pixi Fall 2012 collection to share with you today! These little beauties surprised me at home one day and I couldn’t wait to try them out! And then life happened and it took me a few weeks to get to them. My world. Oy. Let’s move on to the swatches now! 😉


Amazing Amethyst

Amazing Amethyst 1
Amazing Amethyst 2
Amazing Amethyst 3
Amazing Amethyst is a pretty medium purple shimmer. I had to color correct the heck out of this one because my camera hates taking accurate photos of some purple polishes, it almost always want to make them blue! What you see is pretty damn close to how it looks to the naked eye. I’m patting myself of the back for finally figuring out how to color correct my nails without making my hands look jaundiced. 😛

The formula on this one was great, this is 2 easy coats.

Classy Cocoa

Classy Cocoa 1
Classy Cocoa 2
Classy Cocoa 3
Classy Cocoa is a gorgeous taupe brown with golden shimmer. I loooooooove this one! This is such a perfect smokey Fall shade! The formula was great for this one as well, I only needed 2 coats for opacity. ^_^

Evening Emerald

Evening Emerald 1
Evening Emerald 2
Evening Emerald 3
Evening Emerald is not emerald at all. 😛 It’s actually a blackened teal blue-green packed with shimmer! I absolutely LOVE this one. Flawless formula, just like the other two. I only needed 2 coats with this one as well. I can see myself wearing this polish on my toes a LOT this Fall. What’s great about Evening Emerald is that the shimmer is visible in almost all light settings. 😀

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed all three of these polishes quite a bit! Amazing Amethyst is the least unique of the bunch, but it had a great formula and it’s still a pretty shade. Classy Cocoa and Evening Emerald were clear winners for me here, and they’re definitely my top picks out of the three. 😀

Purchase Info:

You can find the Pixi Fall 2012 polishes at Target stores and online at Target.com for $8 each per .25 oz bottle of polish. They are also available online at Pixibeauty.com for the same price. I still think they’re a bit overpriced for the amount of polish you get, but the formula is great so that’s something to think about when considering this brand. :-)




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