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I’m back again with Sam and Cris today for Day 19 of the 31 Day Challenge 2012! I’m back with another well-intentioned, but poorly executed, nail art day. I am really striking out this weekend, blargh. I’ve been wanting to try these Galaxy Drip Nails from Coewless for ages and I had them planned for Day 19 of the challenge from the start. And I’m sure these would have turned out much better if I didn’t have to try to rush to get them done before my midnight shift last night. I seriously almost cried when I was done with these because I absolutely hated them and didn’t have time to redo them. 😕

I contemplated not posting at all today, or just redoing them after I got home from work in the morning and making this an afternoon post. But my stomach is seriously still in knots (I might have food poisoning?!?) and I just want to go to bed when I get home at 8am. :( But let me stop playing the world’s tiniest violin for myself and get on with the show here…


31 Day Challenge 2012 Day 19 – (Sketchy) Galaxy Drip Nails!

31DC2012 Day 19 Galaxy 1
31DC2012 Day 19 Galaxy 2
See… My accent nail and my pinky came out exactly how I wanted them to. The other nails? Errr, not-so-much. 😛

Everything was going fine and well until I had to do cleanup around my drips. My white nail polish was just not opaque enough. And then I tried to use my white acrylic polish from Born Pretty that I got last year during my previous 31 Day Challenge and it was a gooey, tacky, stringy effing mess. My roomie saved the day by loaning me her white acrylic paint but at that point it was almost time for me to go to work and my hand got shaky on my last three nails. At that point I was just stressed, irritated with myself and just wanted to take the photos I needed and get it over with. Bah. Humbug. 😉
31DC2012 Day 19 Galaxy 3
31DC2012 Day 19 Galaxy 4
Polishes I Used


That’s it for today! I’m trying to tell myself that this was just my first attempt, and that the next time I try this I know it will turn out better. I’m determined to master this technique because it just looks so damn awesome! ^_^

Don’t forget to check out Sam and Cris today for their galaxy nail looks, because I’m sure they did much better than me. 😀





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