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I’m back with the most dreaded day of the 31 Day Challenge 2012, Water Marble Day!! Water Marbling is a world of fun and delight for some nail art enthusiasts, and the bane of human existence for others. I think I fall somewhere in between the two extremes haha! I for the life of me cannot consistently produce the same design for each nail so my water marbles always turn out a bit more abstract, and I’m totally fine with that! :)

I wanted to produce something fall themed since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I think I was successful. ^_^


31 Day Challenge 2012 Day 20 – Water Marble Nails!

31DC2012 Day 20 Water Marble 631DC2012 Day 20 Water Marble 2
31DC2012 Day 20 Water Marble 1
This is the first time I used mostly dark colors for a water marble. I was worried that it would turn out muddy, but I actually like how dark and subtle some of the nails turned out! I’m still working on where exactly to place my damn fingers in the water to get the best pattern, but this is only my 3rd water marble ever and there’s certainly a learning curve to contend with here. 😛

I started off with Takko Lacquer’s The Electric Apple: NYC as my base. Then I haphazardly used the following polishes in my marbling. 😉

Polished Used:
OPI Live And Let Die
OPI Casino Royale
Essie Miss Fancy Pants
Takko Lacquer Kiss The Sky
Color Club Insta-This

I love the subtle shimmer spread out in each nail from Kiss The Sky and Live And Let Die. I actually re-dipped my ring finger because I wasn’t happy with the original design. Can you tell? ^_^

31DC2012 Day 20 Water Marble 3
31DC2012 Day 20 Water Marble 4
31DC2012 Day 20 Water Marble 5
And of course out of ten fingers, my thumb (the one I did last) would come out with the best marble pattern. 😛 But honestly I think my pinky finger is my favorite. The swirling reminds me of a purple, grey, and green version of the clouds from The Scream by Edvard Munch. 😀

I’d also like to mention that of all the days for me to run out of scotch tape to protect my skin from nail polish armageddon, water marble day is probably the worst. I had enough tape left on my roll as I started this process to cover exactly two of my fingers! 😯 I vaguely remembered reading somewhere on the internet that a person had used Aquaphor to serve as a barrier between their skin and the nail polish while doing a water marble. Since I had nothing to lose, I tried it out and it worked! I slathered the Aquaphor on my fingers up to my knuckles on each finger, making sure I carefully covered the skin around my cuticles without getting any on my nail beds. And then when it was time to clean the polish off, all I had to do was wipe it away with a Q-Tip! I didn’t even have issues with nail polish pooling in my cuticles like I usually do when I water marble. I’m never using tape for a water marble again! 😀

That’s it for today! What do you think about water marbling? Love it or hate it? Love seeing others do it but think it’s too hard to try for yourself? Which nail from my water marble is your favorite?

Don’t forget to check out Sam and Cris today for their water marble nail looks! 😀





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