Hey Everyone!

I’m back again with Sam and Cris today for Day 18 of the 31 Day Challenge 2012! I wanted to do something a little different from your typical Half Moon mani, so I attempted Peter Pan Collar nails for the first time. BIG FLOP. :(

I was a bit rushed on these (trying to get them done before work) so I’m not entirely happy with how they turned out. Ah well, I can’t hit every ball out of the park, eh? 😛


31 Day Challenge 2012 Day 18 – Half Moon Nails

31DC2012 Day 18 - Half Moon 1
31DC2012 Day 18 - Half Moon 2
31DC2012 Day 18 - Half Moon 3
NAILED IT. I started with A England Camelot as my base polish. Then I used a white nail art polish for the shitty collars, and finished it off with the gold microbeads. I’d like to try this look again when I have more time to take my time and get it perfect. ^_^

That’s it for today! I know these could have turned out a lot worse, but I’m bummed that I didn’t have something to really wow you guys today. There’s always Sunday! 😀





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