Morning Lovelies!

I’ve had this sitting on my flicker account for a while now so I figured I would post it before I completely forgot about it. So it may not be what’s actually on my nails right now, but it was a NOTD at one point last month. 😛

Now let me tell you a little story…

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rie who REALLY wanted one of those awesome gold top coat nail polishes that are all the rage right now. She’d been lusting after OPI’s The Man With The Golden Gun for a bit, and Sephora by OPI It’s Real for even longer. But the $30 price tag was holding her back. Then one day, a lovely person on Instagram posted about SOPI It’s Real being on sale for $8 at Sephora locations inside of JC Penny’s stores! What great news! Except for the fact that there was no such store in Rie’s neck of the woods (aka the middle of nowhere). Not being one to keep this news to herself, Rie passed on the good word to her Instagram and Twitter followers and friends. If she couldn’t have the SOPI, at least others would have a chance right? ^_^ But hark! An amazing and wonderful reader named Christina came to Rie’s rescue. As a thank you for spreading the word, this amazing gal offered to snag a bottle of It’s Real for Rie out of the kindness of her heart. And for that, she rocks. So thank you Christina!! 😀


Sephora by OPI It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat and Barry M Cobalt Blue

Sephora It's Real and Barry M Cobalt Blue 1
Sephora It's Real and Barry M Cobalt Blue 2
Sephora It's Real and Barry M Cobalt Blue 3
I knew right away that I wanted to pair this top coat with a blue. So I picked out my new favorite blue creme, Barry M Cobalt Blue (don’t I have a new favorite each month? :P) and used 2 coats as my base. A special thank you goes to Hannah of Polly Polish for sending this Barry M polish my way for my birthday. And Hannah, you’ll be happy to know that my Christmas presents remain unopened. ^_~ After that I put 2 coats of SOPI It’s Real on top. LOOOOOVVEEEEEEE!!! 😀
Sephora It's Real and Barry M Cobalt Blue 4
Sephora It's Real and Barry M Cobalt Blue 5
Sephora It's Real and Barry M Cobalt Blue 6
I absolutely love this combination, and I love the smaller gold particles in It’s Real since it looks like all the other gold top coats out there have large/irregular gold flakes. It’s Real was a breeze to work with and there was no grittiness even before I added my top coat.

So basically we’re in love. I already have plans to introduce It’s Real to some nice seafoam green, red, and royal purple nail polishes in the near future. 😉

Don’t you all just love this? How many times can I say the word “love” in one post?! 😛

I’m not sure if SOPI It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat is still on sale at the Sephora/JC Penny’s locations for $8, but it’s definitely on sale for $15 on right now! I did finally get my hands on the Zoya Gilty Pleasures 18K Gold Top Coat Trio so I definitely plan to show you that one soon with some comparison shots. ^_^