Takko Lacquer Holiday_Winter 2012

Afternoon Ladies!

I have two blog posts for you today because I really wanted you all to have a chance to take a gander at these beauties before Sheryl re-opened her shop on Friday! I am pleased to introduce you to the Takko Lacquer Winter Collection! I’m on a glorious cocktail of cold meds so I’ll keep this intro short and sweet, so let’s get right into the swatches! 😛


We’re All Mad Here

Takko Lacquer - We're All Mad Here 5
Takko Lacquer - We're All Mad Here 2
Takko Lacquer - We're All Mad Here 3
OMG Y’all. We’re All Mad Here is flippin GORGEOUS!! Plus its name is a nod to Alice in Wonderland, what’s not to love here?! We’re All Mad Here is a stunning deep blue jelly with green flakies and orange shimmer. I mean… WOW. Pictures really don’t do this one justice, you NEED to see it in person. We’re All Mad Here is a slightly deeper blue than what my camera was able to pick up, and the shimmer is noticeable in even low light! Take the shimmer you see in my photos and intensify it (closer to what it looks like inside the bottle), and that’s what you get in person. 😀

This is 3 coats. You see a teeny bit of VNL in these shots but it’s not that noticeable in person. You could get away with 2 coats if you didn’t mind a little VNL. Application was a breeze, this polish spread like butter over my nails and built up nicely.
Takko Lacquer - We're All Mad Here 1
Takko Lacquer - We're All Mad Here 4
Takko Lacquer - We're All Mad Here 6
A few more shots of We’re All Mad Here with a macro so you can take in that glorious orange shimmah! ♥

Va Va Voom

Takko Lacquer - Va Va Voom 1
Takko Lacquer - Va Va Voom 2
Takko Lacquer - Va Va Voom 5
Va Va Voom is a metallic deep wine red with strong scattered/mild linear holo finish. I DIE! The color and holo effect deepen depending on your lighting but the holographic finish is visible in almost all lighting. Shown above is Va Va Voom in direct light from my light box. This is 2 thin coats! Va Va Voom had a perfect formula. Not too thin but not so thick that I had trouble applying it. The dry time was very quick!

Takko Lacquer - Va Va Voom 3
Takko Lacquer - Va Va Voom 4
And here it is with indirect lightbox er… lighting. 😛
Takko Lacquer - Va Va Voom (Flash)
And this is Va Va Voom with camera flash. If any nail polish deserves its name, this is it! Look how intense the red is now! I cannot wait until I get a chance to see Va Va Voom in direct sunlight, I think I might never take it off. 😉

Introducing Takko Mani-Bombs!

Takko Lacquer Mani-Bombs
And here’s the surprise I mentioned in my post title, introducing Takko Lacquer Mini-Bombs! These little beauties were created by Sheryl as a thank you for all the love and support the nail polish world has shown her since she opened her Etsy shop doors earlier this year. If you’re familiar with bath fizzies/bath bombs, this is a similar idea. But these mani-bombs are all about caring for your beautiful hands. You drop it in a container filled with warm water large enough to fit your hands, and it fizzes up almost immediately. Then the magic begins. 😉

The mani-bombs release Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to nourish your skin, cuticles and nails. It then leaves behind a Shea Butter and sugar scrub combo that you use to scrub, exfoliate and moisturize your skin, help with peeling nails and dry cuticles. I used one of the mani-bombs before I swatched We’re All Mad Here and Va Va Voom. They have a very light powdery scent, it’s almost undetectable. I couldn’t smell it but I also have a cold. My boyfriend said it smelled nice though, so it shouldn’t overpower your lotions or perfumes. ^_^ My hands felt absolutely amaaazing afterward. The sugar scrub was very gentle, and once I rinsed off the leftover scrub the shea butter was easy to massage into the skin on my hands (and elbows, hah!) and my cuticles. It absorbed into my skin after a few minutes and didn’t leave any greasy residue. I’m sold!

And you want to hear the best news about the mani-bombs?

They’re FREE!

As a thank you for all of her customers, Sheryl will be including one mani-bomb as a free gift with each purchase for the rest of 2012! This will start on Friday, November 16th. 😀
Takko Lacquer New vs Old Label
And one last miscellaneous photo for you all. It looks like there was a slight label change! On the right (Kiss The Sky), you can see the old slightly rounded frosted label and on the left (We’re All Mad Here) you have the new clear rectangular labels. Nothing drastic, just something I noticed! ^_^

Final Thoughts:

Sheryl never ceases to amaze me with everything that she has to offer. She seriously produces some of the best indie nail polishes out there in my opinion, and she is such a sweetheart! So if you hadn’t guessed yet, I absolutely adore both of Sheryl’s new babies. We’re All Mad Here combines several of my nail polish loves: blue, green, orange, flakies, and jelly! The list of red polishes that I love is pretty small, but Va Va Voom has a place on that list now because it is EVERYTHING. Perfect formula, a gorgeous rust hue and holographic finish. Be still my heart. I really can’t pick a favorite so you basically need both of these suckers. 😉

And the mani-bombs are perfect and just in time for the winter months that always take a toll on my nails and skin. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do! Sheryl will be including instructions on how to use them in each package since they’re a little different from a typical bath bomb.

Purchase Info:

Takko Lacquer nail polishes can be purchased at the Takko Lacquer Etsy Shop! They retail at $15.00 per .5 fl oz bottle of polish. She DOES offer international shipping! Check out her shop policy page for more details on that.

Another great thing is that she restocks often, usually about once a week. So if you missed one sale you have another chance to snag your favorites the following week! She’s opening up her shop again this weekend on Friday, November 16th at around 1pm so mark your calendars! :)

To keep up to date with restocking news and other updates you can follow the Takko Lacquer Blog, the Etsy Shop or her new Twitter account!

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