Morning Everyone!

I’m back with Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles to share with you all today! This polish is just… WOW. So gorgeous! I believe that Ballerina Sprinkles is one of Chelsea’s older polishes that has been revived with her brand new bottle shape and label, and I’m so excited that it’s mine! My precioussssssssss… 😉

Off topic, but I am SO pumped for The Hobbit coming out on the 14th!! 😀


Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles

Enchanted Polish - Ballerina Sprinkles 2
Enchanted Polish - Ballerina Sprinkles 3
Enchanted Polish - Ballerina Sprinkles 1
Ballerina Sprinkles is a delicate powder blue light holographic, with a golden/pink shimmer. Think Sinful Colors Cinderella. But prettier. And a far better formula. And on steroids. ♥ I just…. I DIE! 😀 The holo really comes out to play in direct sunlight, or in my case with camera flash because it was probably 4am when I was playing with this nail polish. 😛

Application was easy-peasy, this is 3 thin coats but I probably could have stopped at 2.
Enchanted Polish - Ballerina Sprinkles 4
And here’s a macro shot. Have a drool bib ready. Oh, maybe I should have warned you before the macro. TOO LATE.
Enchanted Polish - Ballerina Sprinkles Flash 2
Enchanted Polish - Ballerina Sprinkles Flash 1
I wanted to show you just how AMAZING this polish looked with camera flash/midnight sun (teehee) because OMG. Look at that complexity!!
Enchanted Polish - Ballerina Sprinkles Bottle 2
Enchanted Polish - Ballerina Sprinkles Bottle 3
And finally some bottle shots to show off the pretty shimmer and the new labels! Did I mention I’m a sucker for rectangle bottles! Rectangle shaped bottles and my IKEA Helmer are OTP. 😛

Final Thoughts:

If you haven’t guessed yet, I absolutely ADORE this nail polish! I’m a sucker for these baby blues and add in the shimmer and holo and I’m in flippin’ heaven y’all! The formula on every single Enchanted Polish that I own is perfection, and that’s truly a feat for holos because even mass-produced brands can’t get that ish right half the time! If you don’t own Ballerina Sprinkles, keep an eye out for the next restock date. You NEED this one in your collection. And I NEED this one on my toes for my next pedi! 😛

Purchase Info:

Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles will be available for purchase from the following E-Tailers: Llarowe, Pshiiit Boutique, Harlow & Co., and Mei Mei Signatures. Prices per bottle range depending on the E-Tailier, so please check out their individual policies at each website.

It’s not currently in stock at the time of this post, but you can follow Enchanted Polish on their Facebook or Twitter fan pages to stay updated on restock/release dates and upcoming collections!





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