Kolt Collection

Morning Everyone!

I’m sorry for falling off the face of the polish earth. I’ve been around, just not around on the blog so much. I’m quite a few days behind on the 31 Day Challenge but I will work on getting caught up. Thanksgiving had me SUPER busy (if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you know how much I had to cook!), and afterward I’ve just been going through a blah phase I think. I actually hadn’t repainted my nails after Day 22, and my Gangnam style nails didn’t get removed until 2 days ago!

But anyway, I’m getting back into it because I’m WAY behind on things I need to show you guys. Today I’ve got a Brazilian brand that’s completely new to me, Kolt Dual Chromes! When I received these from Harlow & Co. I decided right away that I was going to layer them. I used A England Camelot (my faaaaaaaavorite black nail polish) as my base for each polish.

This post is SUPER picture heavy so I’m putting it behind a cut. I used 2 coats of each polish over one coat of black. I’ll go over application and formula in my final thoughts since it was similar for all 7 polishes.


Aurora Boreal

Kolt - Aurora Boreal 1
Kolt - Aurora Boreal 2
Kolt - Aurora Boreal 4
Kolt - Aurora Boreal 5
Aurora Boreal shifts from an evergreen to a peacock-blue. This is a subtle shift, but it’s one of my favorites!


Kolt - Bionic 1
Kolt - Bionic 2
Kolt - Bionic 3
Kolt - Bionic 4
Bionic really surprised me! In the bottle it is more of a burnt brickish red. But when it’s layered over black it’s a strong blue to purple shift!


Kolt - Explosive 2
Kolt - Explosive 3
Kolt - Explosive 4
Explosive is another strong dual chrome. This one shifts from orange to copper to pink.

Gold Strong

Kolt - Gold Strong 2
Kolt - Gold Strong 3
Kolt - Gold Strong 4
Gold Strong didn’t have the strongest shift for me. It’s a gorgeous gold-pink dual chrome in the bottle, but layered over black it was more of a greenish gold. Still pretty though! Perhaps I need to layer it over a different color to get a stronger dual chrome effect.


Kolt - Lunatic 1
Kolt - Lunatic 2
Kolt - Lunatic 3
Kolt - Lunatic 4
Lunatic is a strong fuchsia polish with a subtle shift into gold under certain lighting! It’s a great combo and one I wasn’t expecting. :)


Kolt - Universe 1
Kolt - Universe 2
Kolt - Universe 4
Kolt - Universe 5
Universe shifts subtlety from a purple to a blue. My camera hates blurple polishes, but take my word for it when I say the different between the purple and the blue is slightly more noticeable in person. You can see the shift the best in the macro shot here.


Kolt - Vintage 1
Kolt - Vintage 2
Kolt - Vintage 3
Kolt - Vintage 4
Vintage is a little frosty, but it seems like most pearl/opalescent nail polishes like this have that unavoidable frost tendency. This one had a strong shift from purple to green. I think I’ll have fun stamping with this one!

Final Thoughts:

Every single one of the Kolt Dual Chrome nail polishes had a great formula! Not too thin and not too thick. When I layered them over black I could have stopped at 1 coat, but 2 coats had a more concentrated look that I preferred. The brushes on each of my bottles was a nice length and easy to work with. My top picks from this collection are Aurora Boreal, Gold Strong, Explosive and Bionic.

Purchase Info:

Kolt polishes are Big 3-Free and will be available for purchase starting today at 12pm (Noon) at Harlow & Co.! They retail for $7.00 per 8 ml bottle of nail polish. You can also follow Harlow & Co. on their Facebook or Twitter pages. ^_^




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