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Welcome to Day 2 of my Pretty and Polished Extravaganza, haha! I’ve got another holiday collection polish to share with you all today. This time we’re gonna check out Pretty and Polished S’no Mans Land. Let’s get straight to it, shall we? ^_^


Pretty and Polished – S’no Mans Land

Pretty & Polished - S'No Mans Land 1
Pretty & Polished - S'No Mans Land 2
Pretty & Polished - S'No Mans Land 3
S’no Mans Land is a frosty white polish filled with satin white hex glitter and small iridescent glitter. At first I was incredibly frustrated with this polish. It looked so pretty in the bottle and when I tried to wear it alone it was a frosty-streak filled disaster for me. :( What I quickly learned about S’no Mans Land is that you need patience to get it to work for you and not against you. What you also need to do is layer this sucker, unless you don’t mind the frosty finish when worn alone.

What you see above is 1 THIN coat of S’no Mans Land layered over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  This turned out to be my favorite combo for this polish. This turned out quite pretty when done this way. But make sure your coats are thiiiiinnn, I made the coat on my pointer finger just a little too thick and it started looking pearly again. 😛

The hex glitter is sparse but fishing wasn’t necessary, and I would not recommend fishing for this polish because it’ll just make your nails look like a mess, hah!
Pretty & Polished - S'No Mans Land 4
And here is a shot of 2 coats of S’no Mans Land on its own. I only did my pinky before I gave up on it to go with my layering combo instead. I mean, it’s certainly not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. But it was just too frosty on its own for me. 😛

Final Thoughts:

While not my favorite polish of the holiday collection that I’ve tried,  S’no Mans Land can be saved! ^_^ If you layer it over white it has quite the ethereal look thanks to the hex and iridescent glitter. Once I learned how to work with S’no Mans Land I really did love how it looked layered!

But bear in mind that it can be tricky to work with. And if frosty finish nail polishes are the bane of your existence, or you don’t like to layer your polishes then this may not be the polish you are looking for.

Purchase Info:

Pretty and Polished S’no Mans Land can be purchased from Chels Marie’s new shop, It retails at $5.00 for the mini and $9 for the full sized bottle. You can also still find Pretty and Polished on her Etsy Shop.

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