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Glitter Daze Ultra Subscription Box - 3

Morning Ladies!

Today I’ve got my first nail polish subscription box in a loooooooong time to share with you all. Sana of GlitterDaze recently launched a nail polish subscription box for her indie brand, which I think is a pretty awesome idea!

Here’s how it works:

– First you pick your subscription level. Your options are Super, Mega, and Ultra (which I will be showing you).

– Fill out a preferences questionnaire.


And yoinked straight from the subscription info page:

What you get:

Based on the Daze Level you choose, you will receive the following items monthly, for three months:
– One full-sized polish: This polish will be either a custom for the month OR a soon-to-be-released polish.
– One mini polish: This polish will be either a custom for the month OR a polish currently available in the shop. (If youโ€™ve purchased from GlitterDaze through our Website or Etsy, they’ll make sure you donโ€™t receive a polish you already have).
– Hand care items: These items can consist of any of the following: Luxury Hand Fizzies, Cuticle Sticks, Cuticle Butters, Base Coats, Top Coats, Nail Oils, etc.
– Glitter Accessory: These items can consist of any of the following: Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Key Chains, Magnets, Hair Pins, Paper Weights, Coasters, etc.
– Charitable Donation: Each box will have a specific amount from the purchase price that will go toward a charitable donation. Every three months, we will pick a different charity for these donations. Donations will be made at the end of the three-month period, and the receipt will be posted to our Facebook/blog/instagram.ย THE CHARITY CHOSEN FOR JUNE-AUGUST IS THE AMERICAN RED CROSS.ย 
– Shipping: The cost of shipping is included in the price of the box each month.


One full-sized Polish, One hand care item, $1 Charitable donation, Shipping: $15/month


One full-sized Polish, One mini polish, One hand care item, $3 Charitable Donation, Shipping: $22/month


One full-sized Polish, One mini polish, Two hand care items, One glittery accessory, $5 Charitable donation, shipping: $32/month

Sana was kind enough to send me the Ultra Daze for unboxing, so let’s get to it! ^_^

GlitterDaze Ultra Daze Subscription Box for June

Glitter Daze Ultra Subscription Box - 1
Here’s a photo of the box that my June Ultra subscription arrived in. Nothing too fancy, but the initialed little bow on top was a nice touch. ^_^
Glitter Daze Ultra Subscription Box - 2
And my individually wrapped goodies! I love this, definitely made me feel like it was my birthday or Christmas haha!

Glitter Daze Ultra Subscription Box - 4

GlitterDaze Cuticle Stick – Peony Scented

First thing I opened was the GlitterDaze cuticle stick. This one is peony scented, not my favorite sent since I’m not a fan of floral scents and this peony scent is pretty strong. At least to me is was strong! I did try it on my right hand in the name of science and it was moisturizing without leaving my skin oily, and easy to use. I will probably end up donating this cuticle stick to a friend though since I can’t really see myself ever using it with that scent. ๐Ÿ˜›
Glitter Daze Ultra Subscription Box - 5
And next up is this cute little key chain with a glittery blinged out leopard print!
Glitter Daze Ultra Subscription Box - 6
Now to the super goodies, GlitterDaze Reloaded and American Royalty. Not shown here (but you can see it in the very first picture at the start of this post) is the mini bottle of Super Smooth QuickDry Keratin Top Coat that I received with this subscription box. Super Smooth is a keratin based top coat that is supposed to strengthen your nails. My little info card mentions that is DOES contain Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and cautions not to get it on your skin.


Glitter Daze Reloaded - 1

GlitterDaze – Reloaded

Glitter Daze Reloaded - 2

GlitterDaze – Reloaded

Glitter Daze Reloaded - 3

GlitterDaze – Reloaded

Glitter Daze Reloaded - 4

GlitterDaze – Reloaded

Get the perfect colorful paint splattered look on your nails! Reloaded is full of black and multicolored matte shredded glitter, as well as colorful large neon glitters all in a slightly tinted clear base!

Reloaded is a suspension based glitter that can use used to layer over virtually any polish! It’s thiiiiiiiiick though so you want to make sure that your base polish is completely dry before you use it to layer. My issue may have also been the mini bottle because the brush on it was fairly wide for my narrow nails and with soft bristles, making it a hard to control how much was on the brush when I applied it to the nail. It’s a dense glitter though so only 1 coat was needed with the dab-n-spread method, shown here is 1 coat of Reloaded over Takko Lacquer The Electric Apple: NYC. I LOVE the semi-translucent hex glitter!

My main problem was when I tried to use the Super Smooth QuickDry Keratin Top Coat over my nails. I thought I had given Reloaded enough time to dry (a few minutes) but NOPE I was wrong, and the top coat started to drag my nail polish! What you see above was my second attempt at this manicure, when I waited even longer… And still dragged my nail polish on my middle finger and slightly on my pointer finger. :( I think the combination of how thick Reloaded is plus how thick the top coat is was bad news bears for my manicure. Plus I had the same issue with the soft and wide (and slightly curved) brush on my bottle of top coat that made it almost impossible not to load it with too much top coat. It was a bit frustrating. :/

American Royalty

Glitter Daze American Royalty - 1

GlitterDaze – American Royalty

Glitter Daze American Royalty - 2

GlitterDaze – American Royalty

Glitter Daze American Royalty - 3

GlitterDaze – American Royalty

Glitter Daze American Royalty - 4

GlitterDaze – American Royalty

It’s that time of year again; backyard BBQs, pool parties, and get-togethers. Now you have the perfect patriotic polish to wear to all of these events! American Royalty is our little twist on the classic USA themed polishes; it has multiple shapes and sizes of red white and blue glitter in a light sky blue base as well as some gold accents to give it a little dash of class. Apply three thin and even coats, top with a thick and glossy topcoat!

And here is American Royalty, I really liked this one! It has a squishy creme-jelly baby blue base with what I like to call 4th of July confetti, haha! There’s gold shards, white bar and circle glitter, gold and blue tiny glitter, red shards, circles and bars, and some white stars thrown in for good measure! And the best part is that I didn’t have to fish for any of it! I got several pieces of each kind of glitter (including the stars!) on each nail with minimal effort. Shown here is 3 thin coats. I did use my trusted China Glaze Fast Forward topcoat this time though. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Final Thoughts:

Well my first subscription box with GlitterDaze’s Ultra Daze option was a bit of a mixed bag I suppose. I absolutely LOVE American Royalty! I definitely plan to sport it on my nails some way for the upcoming holiday. And I like Reloaded, I just wish the brush on the mini bottle was easier to work with. I’m thinking if I add some thinner to Reloaded then perhaps I can get it to cooperate a little better. That or it may just be an issue with the mini bottles, and if I had a full sized bottle of Reloaded then perhaps I would not have run into this issue? :)

And if the cuticle stick had been any scent other than a floral scent I would be all about it. It’s great for moisturizing your cuticles, but I seriously hate floral scents! There’s no way Sana could have known that at the time since this was sent for review and I did not have the opportunity to do the questionnaire before subscribing that normally would occur. The Super Smooth QuickDry top coat and I are so far not the best of friends. I just cannot get a thin and even coat of that stuff and the way it kept messing with my Reloaded mani was rather frustrating. I’m also not so sure on it still including DBP when so many other options for top coats have eliminated that in their list of ingredients.

So at this point, I’m split 50/50 on likes and dislikes. But the nail polishes are my main concern and I did enjoy both of those, so anything else is not as important to me. With that in mind I would consider myself satisfied with this month’s box. And if I were signed up for the monthly subscriptions I would be eagerly awaiting my goodies for July’s box! Though I would probably downsize to the Super Daze subscription since I’m not a big fan of the brushes on the minis at this point. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Purchase Info:

Again, there are three different options and price points for the GlitterDaze subscription box:

SUPER DAZE – $15/month; MEGA DAZE – $22/month; ULTRA DAZE – $32/month

Currently the GlitterDaze subscription box is available to residents of the US only. For further details and to subscribe, make sure you check out the Subscription Box Page!

And for updates and news on GlitterDaze products, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. ^_^

The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.