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Rescue Beauty Lounge - A Poem Collection

Greetings From Beyond…

Okay so not from beyond the veil or anything like that, but it HAS been at least 3 months since my last blog update! I’ve still been active on my Instagram but actual time and desire to post have been a huge struggle for me lately. My apologies, I will do my best to jumpstart my passion for blogging! And what better way to jump back into swatching headfirst than with the newest collection from Rescue Beauty!

Today I’ve got the Rescue Beauty Lounge A Poem collection to share with you lovely folks. This seven piece Winter 2014 collection consists of four creams, two glitter toppers and a partridge in a pear tree a gorgeous shimmer finish. Ji based this collection on the works of the poet Robert Frost.

“As soon as I read “Ghost House,” by Robert Frost (published on public domain), the colors
revealed themselves. It was as if I was physically walking along the patch of earth from the
poem. There are many layers in those verses that illuminate one’s soul; I’ve attempted to
translate this into layers of colors. This entire collection was curated by a harmony of hues
that go seamlessly hand in hand, including the glitters that can be layered with the opaque
colors to give depth and texture depending on one’s mood.

It’s rare for me to make four opaque colors in one collection, but these earthy palettes
ravished me, when I read the poem, these colors seduced me. The opaques themselves are
all demurely quiet, neutral and wearable, yet sophisticatedly pensive for all occasions and
seasons (my own version of the perfect little black dress).”

Here’s the preview video for the collection that was created by Ji, the lady behind the Rescue Beauty brand:

Forgotten Road

RBL Forgotten Road 1
RBL Forgotten Road 2
Forgotten Road: “Forgotten Road: The snow has melted. A howling wind stamps, turns,
and tangos with the broken brown house too many times. In the morning after they part, a charcoal road,
faded over time, leads to the house yearning for companionship. In the slick asphalt road after the
rain, I found a charcoal opaque gray. It is the color of a deep gray river rock that fits perfectly
in your hand, the darkest shade of gray in the spectrum. A darker, moodier sister to Stormy”

Forgotten Road is described as a charcoal grey, but I swear that I see blurple undertones like crazy here! I absolutely love this one. The cream formula for Forgotten Road is solid. I was able to get full coverage with 1 medium coat! I did apply two thin coats for these swatches though. This one also has great shine.

The Mosses Mar

RBL The Mosses Mar 1
RBL The Mosses Mar 2
The Mosses Mar: “The small creek sings and chatters, conversing with the busy birds
pecking away at nature’s supper. In between the brown house the wood has shed, there are
sage-colored mosses bursting up for their new eager, erratic life. This is the color of the
mosses in between stones or scattered deadwoods, parched and lightened by the sun,
almost identical to the underside of Aspen leaves when they tremble in the wind. (This is a
less yellow version of Diddy Mow 2.0)”

First of all, LOVE!! Green is my absolute favorite color so I was already slightly in love with The Mosses Mar before I even tried it. This beauty did not disappoint. I used 2 thin coats here, it was so incredibly glossy before I even added my topcoat!


RBL Footpath 1
RBL Footpath 2
Footpath: “After the incessant rain and flood, the yellowed-clay earth slowly recovers and
hardens. Unhurriedly, the path heals, baked by the sun. The earth, for a short while, forgets
and forgives its muddied past. The willow branches persistently swings, whispers, and sheds
its confetti of mustard-colored pollen, which blend to celebrate a marriage between two
earthy-yellow opaque hues. This earthened-yellow is truly mellow, wearable, and
surpassingly neutral. If you’re on the fence about wearing a bright yellow, this is a perfect
shade to ease into.”

Footpath… OH HEAVENS DO I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I know that a lot of people consider this to be a “fugly” color, but I am a sucker for murky mustard yellow and burnt oranges. Footpath seems to combine this with a gorgeous warm mustard yellow with orange undertones. The formula was superb!! Another careful 1-coater or 2 coats as I am showing here.

A Lonely House

RBL A Lonely House 1
RBL A Lonely House 2
A Lonely House: “The sleepy night sky swallows up the last of the dim sunlight. Like a black
and white photograph from long ago, naked tree branches are covered in the snow that is
falling on the ground and the ubiquitous snow wins with a smirk. A brown, weathered,
broken wooden house remains, without any apparent light or life. Just there, content,
scattered, and waiting. Out of this friendless and disparaged landscape dwells the perfect
opaque brown. Like handsomely worn English saddle leather, a rich and lush one-coater.”

A Lonely House as not a color that I was expecting to love. I don’t often reach for brown nail polish, but once applied this one definitely won me over. A Lonely House is a medium brown cream with red undertones, it reminds me of a medium-dark terracotta. I used 2 coats here, the formula was also great.

Wild Raspberries Grow over The Mosses Mar

RBL Wild Raspberries Grow over The Mosses Mar 1
RBL Wild Raspberries Grow over The Mosses Mar 2
RBL Wild Raspberries Grow over The Mosses Mar 3
Wild Raspberries Grow: “One spring morning, a sparkling hint of brilliance appeared in the
periphery where wild raspberry patches thrived. The ruby fruit twinkled. Like Dorothy, from
The Wizard of Oz, the raspberries find their ruby slippers—turning the grayed world of black
and white into a beautiful spring day. In the light of the sun of a new day, the micro leafy
green glitters and sparkling fuchsia berries float. Combine this with any of the opaque colors
in this collection or use three coats to see a kaboom of glitter!”

I decided to show Wild Raspberries Grow layered first because I feel that this polish looks best as a glitter topper, though you can still wear it as a standalone color after several coats. This is 1 coat of Wild Raspberries Grow (a mixture of green micro-glitter and pink hex glitter) over 2 coats of The Mosses Mar. I really love this layering! The color combination reminds me of the cellophane grass that used to be in all the Easter baskets I got as a kid, haha!

Wild Raspberries Grow

RBL Wild Raspberries Grow 1
RBL Wild Raspberries Grow 2
Here’s a few photos of Wild Raspberries Grow on its own for those that are curious. Formula is thin and easy to work with, I used 4 coats for this swatch.

As Sweet Companions over Forgotten Road

RBL As Sweet Companions over Forgotten Road 1
RBL As Sweet Companions over Forgotten Road 2
RBL As Sweet Companions over Forgotten Road 3
As Sweet Companions: “In the end, it was the hardship and the beauty that all flourished
together. The sonatas will always have the contrasting movement that settles what the
perfect ending was meant to be. The silver-lavender and matte black glitter were meant to be
playmates. This is not your typical screaming glitter, it’s more discreet, reserved, with muted
tones. You can create a perfect polka-dot nail art overlay with any of the opaque colors from
this collection as base. Or better yet, for those who want it real–layer it on for jeweled digits!”

I felt that As Sweet Companions would be best layered with Forgotten Road from this collection, I wasn’t wrong! This polish consists of a mixture of black and reflective lavender hex glitter in a suspension base. I used the ‘dabbing method’ due to the thickness of the suspension base in this nail polish, I find is easier for more precise glitter placement.

Small, Dim, Summer Stars

RBL Small, Dim, Summer Stars 1
RBL Small, Dim, Summer Stars 2
RBL Small, Dim, Summer Stars 3
Small, Dim, Summer Stars: “Lost in the woods on a moonless, un-illuminated night, they
stumble through the darkness. Looking up at the sky amid the fragrant forest, the weeping
willow tree branches recite a monologue in the distance. A whippoorwill sopranos—its
cadenza joins to compete. Then they appeared, countless tiny stars embedded in the dark
sky, it was always there to be found in every gentle, trusting heart. This sweltering silvery
black base hammered with multifaceted and spectacular green, blue, pink, shimmery, glittery
twinkling stars will bring you back to that summer night long ago, full of wonder and beauty.”

And finally to Small, Dim, Summer Stars… This vampy stunner has a black base that’s filled with gorgeous multi-hued shimmer. Wonderful formula that was super smooth, I used 2 coats here! I can see myself wearing this one often!

Final Thoughts:

The Rescue Beauty Lounge A Poem collection definitely threw me for a loop. This is the most earthy toned collection that I’ve seen in quite some time from Rescue Beauty, but I really enjoy it! Before I even read the press release I could grasp the tone that Ji was trying to set with this color palette. Grassy greens, earthy browns and yellows, and brooding greys… All things that remind me of dusky rainy nights with a slow storm rolling in, watching from inside while you’re curled up warm in a blanket. I get it. ^_^

Not all of the colors in this collection are brand new, but the formulas for all the creams are top-notch and opaque in 1 or 2 coats. I’m not a huge fan of suspension base glitters due to the extra work needed to get the proper color payoff, but if you don’t mind the dabbing method the purple and black glitter combo in As Sweet Companions is fun and easy to pair with a multitude of layering possibilities.

My favorites from this collection are Footpath, Forgotten Road, The Mosses Mar and Small, Dim, Summer Stars. Which ones do you all like?


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Purchase Info:

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at www.rescuebeauty.com for $20 per bottle. The 48 hour pre-sale date is set for 2/7 at Noon, so make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter email blast to take advantage of the Rescue Beauty Lounge A Poem collection pre-order! If you can’t do the pre-sale don’t worry, the date that this collection will be available for the public is still forthcoming. :)

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.

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* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.