5 Little Known Facts about Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is also referred to as “tummy tuck” and is one of the many types of plastic surgeries. The plastic surgery procedure is an effective way of ensuring the patient has a flat abdomen. The reason behind its popularity is due to its comprehensive nature. Significant changes to the tissue layers are made, abdominal fat is removed, muscles are tightened and the skin re-draped. Here are some facts you did not know about abdominoplasty.

1. It is not a weight loss technique

Unlike popular opinion, tummy tucks are not designed for weight loss but rather for cosmetic contouring. Although negligible weight loss might occur, it is not the primary purpose. The main impact of the procedure is a reduction of the excess skin. However, abdominoplasty can come in handy after weight loss. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks and tightens sagging skin. For more insights, Plastic Surgery Info has resources and information available on their website.

2. Men can also benefit

Most of the conversations concerning tummy tucks center on women. However, men can also benefit from Tummy tuck plastic surgery since it contours and tones their bodies. Abdominoplasty removes stretched skin, restores firmness thus giving a masculine look.

3. Outcomes can vary

Although tummy tuck has been around for many years, the result may change. Different plastic surgeons use different approaches. Therefore, before hiring a surgeon, make sure you research the doctor’s credentials. Ensure they have been certified by the physician’s board of abdominoplasty. Review crucial factors such as scar replacement, patient candidacy, and supplemental procedures during the interview. The reason is that these factors can influence the outcome of the surgery significantly.

4. Pregnancy is still possible

A lot of people are of the idea that it is not feasible to carry a pregnancy after having a tummy tuck. Although it is possible to have children after an abdominoplasty, there are some considerations to bear in mind. For starters, it is vital to wait for a minimum of six months before getting pregnant to allow the area to heal completely. The longer a patient waits, the better the outcomes for the pre-existing abdominoplasty scars.
Having a tummy tuck does not impair your ability to bear children because the procedure affects the skin, muscle tissue, fat, and fascia. Although it is clear that abdominoplasty does not affect your ability to get children, future pregnancies might compromise the results of the procedure by stretching the stomach muscles.

5. It could include liposuction for superior results

A common complaint by tummy tuck beneficiaries is that the outcome is too flat. To attain a more natural look, patients require an additional procedure. Some plastic surgeons prefer combing abdominoplasty and liposuction to achieve a well sculpted final contour. An experienced surgeon can combine the two techniques perfectly to give a firm and not too “tight” appearance.

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