A Simple Flower-Giving Guide for Guys

Just about every woman loves receiving flowers. For men who want to make a lasting impression on the woman in their life, whether it’s a significant other, mother or gal pal, there are certain flower delivery tips to take into consideration. Flowers are an excellent way to express emotion and sentiment.

Giving Flowers in a New Relationship

For men who have just started dating a woman, it can be difficult to express emotion. When you want to let your new leading lady know how you feel about her, a good start is by visiting a florist. Ask for a flower arrangement that shows your passion for your new main squeeze. Red, pink and orange flowers are a good option. Mix some gold in there too as a neutral hue. Don’t forget to include a car with a short and sweet note.

Giving Flowers When You’re in Love

Ready to up the level of romance in your relationship? Visit one of your local flower shops and ask for a truly romantic arrangement. If you’ve been in your relationship for a while, you probably already know what her favorite flower is. Or, ask the florist to come up with a custom arrangement that reflects your love’s personality. If you’re going to stick to one type of flower, consider selecting different colors. Or if you want to stick with her favorite color, consider selecting an assortment of flower types in the same hue.

Giving Flowers to a Family Member

Girlfriends and wives aren’t the only ones who deserve lovely flowers. Your mom, sister or grandmother can also benefit from a fresh bouquet once in a while! Look for an arrangement with pastels and bright greens. You can also opt for a flowering plant instead of a bouquet, especially if they like to spend their time gardening. Don’t worry too much about size. Small arrangements and plants can be just as lovely as large, overflowing bouquets.

Giving Flowers to a Female Friend

It can be tricky to give flowers to a female friend. You want to express what they mean to you without sending the wrong signals. To convey the right sentiment, pick out flowers that are bright, bold and fun. You can also send her a basket of different plants or succulents. You don’t need a special occasion to send a friend flowers. If you simply want to let them know you appreciate them, flowers are a great way to communicate that. Visit King West Flowers for more information.

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