About Me…

Welcome to Nails & Noms!

Allo! My name is Rie, and this blog was created to chronicle my continuously growing love/addiction with nail polish. You’ll find swatches and reviews of anything I can get my hands on. I’m a mom to three adorable fur kids (Abby, Chauncey & Clarence), and work full time midnight shifts while also doing a full time nail tech apprenticeship during the day! I’m in my late 20s, love horror movies, reading, and playing video games when I can find the time in my usually hectic daily schedule. I also have a serious sweet tooth. ^_^
I’ve always been a fan of polish but my interest in it skyrocketed once I discovered the world of beauty bloggers. My mind was blown by the sheer amount of choices that existed for my poor neglected nails! I decided to make a conscious effort to take better care of my nails. No more clipping them so low that it looked like I bit them. No more letting what chipped polish I had left on my fingers linger for weeks at a time. And no more ignoring my cuticles. After a few short months I think I’ve come a long way, and my polish stash is growing exponentially!

I’m also slowly getting interested in makeup as well, so from time to time I may post swatches of products that peek my interest and the occasional ‘Look of the Day’ when I’m feeling adventurous with eyeshadow.

Some of My Current Favorite Polishes



As the name of this blog implies, I will also be including some entries that have to do with another of my favorite pastimes: COOKING!

I absolutely love coming across new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, I enjoy baking as well as throwing something together on the stove-top.  Some of my favorite things to bake are cupcakes, tarts, pies and cookies. My favorite style of food to cook would definitely be almost any kind of Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine.