From The Vault: Gradient Nails With Zoya Wednesday and Zoya Tracie


Allo All!

I’m deep in the middle of a swatching marathon (and watching a marathon of Eureka on Netflix!) and I almost forgot to schedule a post for today! I found these photos while I was clearing out my memory card for my camera. I’d forgotten that I’d taken photos of the Zoya Wednesday and Zoya Tracie gradient that I posted last month (I shared a lower quality pic of it on Instagram). Here’s a few better quality images for you all, and I’ll get back to my swatch-a-thon. :-)


Gradient Nails – Zoya Wednesday and Zoya Tracie

Zoya Wednesday And Tracie Gradient 1
Zoya Wednesday And Tracie Gradient 2
I first started with Zoya Tracie (a green shimmer) and then I sponged on Zoya  Wednesday until I reached the opacity I preferred. Though next time I think I’ll try to get the green to show up a bit more by reversing the layers. ^_^

That’s it for now! I finished updating my neglected spreadsheet for my polish, so if you haven’t checked that out you can see the list of my current stash count HERE. 😀 In other news, I apparently crossed my 1,000,000 blog views milestone! It snuck up on me. I hadn’t even realized that it happened until my friend Amanda pointed it out to me. Thank you ALL for being part of this awesome moment and I love you all. Expect some fun goodies from me to you in the near future. ♥

Now I just need to reorganize my Ikea Helmers. Oy…. 😉

Spamalot: OOTD/FOTD/NOTD with Girly Glam OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps


I’m BaaaaaAAaaaaaccckkk!!

Well, mostly back. 😛 My vacation was WONDERFUL, and for those of you that follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you got to see about 9938535.6 pictures of my trip to Sutton’s Bay, MI and Cleveland, OH.

I also finished up my nail technician apprenticeship at the salon on August 3rd! So now all I have to do is take my state boards and I will be a licensed nail technician! And now that my apprenticeship is over, I will have a normal work schedule again and I’ll be able to devote more time to blogging. Phuck Yeaaahh. 😉

In the meantime since I have nothing else swatched, I’ll do a quick Instagram Spam for you all on my OOTD and NOTD for the wedding I attended in Ohio with Dana/Polished Claws Up! ^_^



OOTD: Silver Sequin and Black Wrap Dress with Coral Peep Toe Pumps
The silver sequins and black wrap dress (as well as the accessories) are all from a store called Maurices. The girl who worked there that day did an AMAZING job with helping me find some great things to try on. And everyone that was on Twitter and Instagram while I was shopping that day did a great job helping me choose which dress to bring home, haha!

The shoes came from a store called Yonkers, and these suckers were marked down from $60. I only ended up paying $18 for them! This entire outfit cost me less than $100 bucks. Hell yes. ♥
FOTD: Neutral Eyeshadow and Orange Lipstick!
And here’s an EXTREEEEME close-up of my mug on the way to the wedding. With it being 90+ degrees and humid as hell in Ohio, I left my flat-iron back in Michigan and sported curly hair all week long. :-) I decided to keep my makeup [mostly] simple since I had such a glitzy dress already.

I used the following:

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer, my trusty Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation, Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette (LOVE), some random mascara, Eyeko Black Kohl Eyeliner, Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral, and L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Fiery Veil (LOOOOOOVE).

Seriously. Fiery Veil is such an awesome true orange shade and it’s so moisturizing, it barely felt like I was wearing lipstick at all. If you love orange, you NEED IT.

NOTD: Girly Glam OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps - Girly Glam
I initially planned on doing a Fishtail Braid manicure to match my wedding outfit, but I ended up hating it and I changed my mind last-minute. I remembered that I had these OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Girly Glam, and they happened to match my wedding outfit pretty damn well. These were just as easy to apply as the last two that I tried. They didn’t hold up as well as the previous ones I wore though. I think I may have been a bit rougher on these than the other two. 😉

Oh, I’ll Just Leave These Here…

Fishtail Manicure - 1st Attempt
Here’s a picture of my failed first attempt at a fishtail braid manicure. Meh. I think I’ll have to choose more opaque colors if I ever try this look again. I think I might try it as an accent nail next time too instead of a full mani. 😛
Ohio Polish Haul
Here’s my small polish haul from our time in Ohio. American Apparel Violet Panache and Smoke Dazzle, SH Insta-Dri In A Flurry (!!!), and Milani One Coat White On The Spot. I’m proud of myself for not going apeshit while we were on vacation. I saved my big splurge for my trip to the LUSH store. 😯
Lush Ohio Haul!
And here’s my haul from LUSH. ♥♥

Clockwise from the left: Lovely Jubblies (gotta keep the girls in check ;-)), Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, Dark Angels Facial Cleanser (one for me, one for my friend), Mint Julips Lip Scrub (tastes and smells like Andes Mints!), and Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly.

I need to get a better picture of the Sweetie Pie shower jelly. It looks like outer space!
And last but not least, a picture of my boyfriend and I riding on the Raptor at Cedar Point. Once we saw this picture I laughed my ass off, and I had to buy a physical copy of it. 😀 It’s just hilarious to me. I’m thrilled as punch on the ride, my boyfriend is doing a Fonzie impression to the camera, and the poor little boy behind us… may not be enjoying the ride as much. 😛

That’s it for today! I had so much fun while we were out of town and I ate a TON of food. If anyone wants a food spam post too let me know and I’ll make it happen. ^_^



* Some of the product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

Quickie Post – Speckled Eggs NOTD


Hey Everyone!

Just another quick post for you all today. This month has been CRAZY busy for me. I’ve been working 50-60 hour weeks at my midnight shift job AND doing 20 hours a week at the salon. The mani I’m showing you today is the first time I’ve painted my nails since I showed you all the OPI Pure Lacquer Apps Peacock design last week!! 😯

Thankfully my last day of my apprenticeship at the salon was Friday, so I’ll have some time to rest and get back into my usual blogging schedule starting in August (until I take my state boards anyway :-P). I’ll most likely be absent for the last week of July because I’ll be in Ohio visiting family, attending one of my oldest friend’s wedding, and hanging out with my girl Dana from Polished Claws Up! Dana and I went to middle/high school together and really connected over our mutual love of polish last year when we both attended another old friend’s wedding. Maybe she can teach me a thing or two about all the vintage polish finds, that girl has a dusty hunting gift! 😉


NOTD: Speckled Eggs With Cirque Ophelia

Speckled Egg Manicure: Sally Hansen White On, Cirque Ophelia, and Essie Marshmallow

Clicking on the above picture will bring you to the full sized Instagram image. :-)


Annie of Cirque Nail Polish (some swatches can be seen [HERE]) posted this look with Cirque’s Ophelia on her Facebook page and I just knew that I had to recreate it! I immediately purchased Ophelia and then tried to replicate the look once I finally had time to breathe paint my nails again. ^_^

First I laid down a base of Sally Hansen White On (2 coats), then I added 1 coat of Cirque Ophelia, and then I did 2 thin coats of Essie Marshmallow on top. I added my top coat and then I was in love. 😛

I absolutely adore this manicure! My coworkers said it reminds them of speckled eggs that you get in your Easter baskets. I have to agree, and now I want some speckled eggs to nom on! 😉


That’s it for today folks, and thank you all again for being so patient with my lack of posts this month. I promise I have a ton of great things in store for you once I get settled back into my nail polish groove next month. Hopefully I can stumble across some great polish and food finds while I’m in the ‘Buckeye State’. ^_^

Still Alive… And Some Polish/Kitty/Food Instagram Updates!


Hey Everyone!

I apologize for my latest blogging absence! This is my last month of my apprenticeship at the salon so it’s crunch time with time trials and mock state boards. NO PRESSURE. 😯 Add on to this my regular 40 hours at the night shift job and I am just BEAT. I’ve still been polishing my nails and posting quick NOTD’s on Instagram, but sitting down and editing/writing a full post just hasn’t been happening. Every time I think about wanting to post, I just end up going to bed instead. 😛

I’ll get through this slump folks, please hang in there! ♥

So for now I’ll just post some of my latest Instagram updates to share with you all while I get through my blogging drought. :-)


Om Nom Noms At The Portside Inn

Portside Lunch
I did have a break from the madness to enjoy a nice lunch at one of my favorite places to eat in town. This amazingness is from a restaurant called the Portside Inn. They have the best french onion soup. EVER. But since it was 85 degrees out I decided not the get the soup this time. Instead I got The Edmund, which is their delicious reuben sandwich (something I always order no matter what). The manfriend and I split some bruschetta and I had a white sangria, sooooo nummy!

Back To Squovals

Squoval Nails
I gave the roundies a good ‘ole try, but the squovals are back and here to stay folks! I missed them so much, and I just could not get the rounded nails up to my level of perfection. 😛 I decided to do something simple with my nails here, so I did a jelly sandwich with OPI Pirouette My Whistle and My Pointe Exactly.

China Glaze Gradient!

China Glaze Gradient
I found the China Glaze On Safari Collection polishes you guys!! I was so pumped that they arrived at my local pro shop. I bought 6 of them from the collection and I hope to have time to swatch them soon! For now I just did a gradient with Exotic Encounters and Man Hunt. I don’t know why my fingers look so zombified in the close-up shot, I blame my iPhone. 😛

I added square gold studs from Cult Nails as an accent. The studs are nice but kinda HUGE on my tiny narrow nails. I had to add 2 coats of Gelous and a thick coat of top coat to get them to be smooth with my nail since the edges were floating in the air. 😛
China Glaze On Safari Haul
Here’s a quick snapshot of the 6 polishes that I picked up from the On Safari collection.

From left to right: Jungle Queen, Elephant Walk, Exotic Encounters, Kalahari Kiss, Desert Sun and Man Hunt.

I’m curious to see how similar Jungle Queen is to Revlon Perplex (or Naughty after the recent rename).

Anyone spot my cross-sitched Nyan-Cat in the background? 😉 It was made by my awesome pal Anne-Marie. Check out her Etsy shop, SheWithNeedles. She did a few other kick-ass custom projects for me too. ^_^

OPI Spotted and Zoya Gradient – No Filter

OPI Spotted and Zoya Gradient (No Filter)
I know I just posted my OPI Spotted and Zoya Tracie/Wednesday gradient a week ago, but it seemed like people complained about the Instagram filter throwing off the color. Here’s a non-filtered photo for you all. I honestly don’t think the color in the previous one was off by that much, but ah well! 😛

Glix Polish Haul!

Glix Polish Haul
I got my first order from Glix/Glitrix on Etsy and I can’t wait to try them out! I’ve seen a few of her franken polishes posted here and there and I decided to take the plunge. I know the star-shaped bottles are gonna be a pain, but the minis are so stinkin’ cute! 😀

Kitty Faces

Clarence and Chauncey
And just for shiggles (thank you Cris for that term, lmao!) I decided to throw in a few kitty pics since it’s been a while. 😉 Here’s Clarence and Saucer Eyes McGee Chauncey being preoccupied by something behind me. Probably a ghost. Or scary fireworks. These things happen. 😉
Chauncey and Boyfriend
And one more picture of Chauncey hanging out with one of our favorite people, the manfriend. He’s wearing one of my favorite shirts. I love the random white pirate cat, you can see a bit of its eye patch. And yes, one of the other t-shirt cats has a cigarette. Don’t smoke kids. Stay in school. 😀

That’s it for this installment of Rie’s Randomness™. Thank you all again for your patience and I hope to be back soon with some real swatches for y’all soon!

OPI Spotted Is Mine!!! And There’s No Such Thing As To Many Layers…


Hey Everyone!

Just a quick post today sharing an instagram from last night with you all. I received a wonderful package in the mail from my lovely Sam of Fashion Polish. Not only was I thrilled to have OPI Spotted staring back at me for this glorious bubble lined mailer, but to my surprise she tucked in a bottle of yet another coveted polish I thought I’d never own: Kiko 270!! I think at that moment I made a noise only dogs can hear, haha!

I also finally received my Zoya trio promo polishes and I wanted to try a gradient with those like the ones that Mimi shared on her blog, Makeup Withdrawal. She is the reason I absolutely NEEDED Zoya Arizona, Wednesday and Tracie. 😀

Sooooo, I may have gotten over-excited and layered everything except for Zoya Arizona on my nails. 😯

OPI Spotted With Zoya and Kiko Friends

I first started with 2 coats of Zoya Tracie, then I sponged on Zoya Wednesday. After that I added on a coat of OPI Spotted. And then finished it all off with a coat of Kiko 270. You can’t see the Kiko polish in this photo but I assure you that it’s there. 😀

I’m still learning how best to use OPI Spotted, and I think adding Kiko 270 over the top of everything may have been overkill…. But ah well. Ya live and ya learn. 😉

That’s it for today, just a tiny over-zealous NOTD for you all to take a gander at. 😛

You’ll be seeing a lot more of OPI Spotted and some more swatches of the Zoya Beach & Surf Collection in the near future. ^_^

NOTD: BeYu 330 – Behold The Multichrome Gorgeousness!!


BeYu 330 - 2

Morning Everyone!

Today I’ve got another beautiful international polish from my lovely Sabine to share with you all! This time we’re taking a look at the stunning BeYu 330! BeYu is a polish brand that comes from Germany, but according to their website their brand is also sold in 39 other countries. So for those of you that have access to these little gems, count yourselves as lucky!

I was lucky enough to have been sent BeYu 330 by my pal, so let’s get to the swatches so I can show you this looker. 😀


BeYu 330

BeYu 330 - 4
BeYu 330 - 3
BeYu 330 is a beautiful and complex multichrome that flows from dusky turquoise with grey undertones, to a greenish hue. It’s then filled with multichromatic glass-fleck shimmer that alternates from a teal to a purple shade. I could stare at this polish forever! This is 3 coats of BeYu 330 on its own, but I absolutely MUST try layering it over black soon to see if that changes the color at all.

BTW, you should be clicking on each of these pictures to enlarge them. You won’t regret it. ♥
BeYu 330 - 5
Here’s a macro shot of BeYu 330 in all of its magnificence. This polish has my heart.

Including BeYu 330 I only have two BeYu polishes in my possession and they are both heart stoppers. I’m not sure that I want to even know about any more of these little beauties for fear of my bank account being quickly depleted. 😛

Do any of you own any BeYu polishes! If so, what are your favorites? ^_^

NOTD: Catrice Blues Brother Vol. II


Hey Everyone!

Just a quick one here since I need to get back to a big polish project in the works. I wanted to share with you one of my special polishes, Catrice Blue Brother Vol. II. I call it special not only because it’s a gorgeous polish, but because I consider all of my international polishes to be a rare gift to own. This polish came to me via the wonderfully amazing Jeanette, thank’s love!

I’ve sat on these pictures for a while because I honestly forgot they were in my nail folder, haha. So here they are for you now! ^_^


Catrice Blues Brother Vol. II

catrice blues brother vol 2 - Pic 1
catrice blues brother vol 2 - Pic 2
Blues Brother Vol. II is a beautiful dark blue shimmer that has the ‘glowing from within’ look that I love so much. This was 2 easy coats.
catrice blues brother vol 2 - Pic 3
Here’s a macro shot for you all. I simply cannot get enough of this polish, and I’m happy it found a home in my Helmer before it was discontinued by Catrice. ♥


NOTD: Vampy Polish Love – ANNY The Answer Is Love!


The Answer Is Love - 1

Morning Lovelies!

Today I’ve got a special NOTD that was made possible by the wonderful Sabine! I’d never heard of the ANNY brand until I saw her photos, but now they’ve got my attention. She posted bottle shots of this beauty on Instagram and I was instantly gushing over how gorgeous it looked. The ANNY website has US cities listed on their header but I don’t believe they actually have any retail locations/sellers in North America (someone correct me if I’m wrong!).  Sabine’s a pal and was able to track this one and a gorgeous BeYu polish down for me, thanks love!

Less talkie, more lookie. This polish is just… It is my everything right now. 😯


ANNY The Answer Is Love

The Answer Is Love - 3
The Answer Is Love - 4
The Answer Is Love - 6
The Answer Is Love is a bit of a chameleon. A sexy, vampy chameleon that is. 😛 In the bottle and at first glance it appears to be a metallic duochrome that shifts from burnt orange to a burgundy red. But once I opened the bottle I was surprised to see a dark blue/purple (blurple??) base with a ton of orange, red, and fuchsia shimmer!

This polish was almost a 1-coat-wonder! With the 1st coat you saw a lot of the blue base. And after the 2nd coat you get this beautifully rich, dark burgundy/eggplant shimmering goodness. The shimmer is visible in almost all lighting which was a pleasant surprise as well. The formula on this polish is perfection and the brush is long, flexible, easy to control and holds the perfect amount of polish.

** ♥ le swoon x1000 ♥ **
The Answer Is Love - 7
What’s this now? The Answer Is Love changes its skin once again when under direct flash/sunlight. The purple in the base shines through and you get a gorgeous blackened eggplant shimmer. If you look closely or magnify this picture you can see a bit of the blue base I was talking about near my cuticles.

So this was my first experience with ANNY polishes and I am SO happy I own this little beauty. I think I’m going to have to look into this brand some more and make an ANNY wishlist to see if the rest of their polishes will live up the legacy that The Answer Is Love has created in my heart.

Have any of you tried out ANNY nail polishes? If so, what other ones do you recommend that I check out? And Oh. Em. Gee. you all will DIE when you see my next layering experiment with this polish. I know I did. 😀

NOTD: My X-Out Nail Project Mani!


Morning Everyone!!

I hope you all are doing well this morning. We’re halfway through the week, and I only have a few more midnight shifts until I get a much needed 4 day break!

A few weeks back I was contacted by a representative of X-Out, an acne treatment/skin care brand specifically for teens from the makers of Proactiv. They are doing a really great nail art project for an amazing cause. For every blogger that created an X-Out themed manicure they are going to donate $200 to Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center!

Pacer’s is a great national organization that helps to prevent bullying, and they help educate communities on how to address this serious issue. I never personally experienced bullying in school but I know how devastating it can feel to be on the receiving end of unkind words.

Even though I definitely came up with this theme after working 10 hours overnight and on the fly, I’m pretty pleased with the results! I included the images they sent me for inspiration at the bottom of this post, let’s see what I came up with. 😀


My X-Out Nail Project Mani!

X_Out_Project 2
X_Out_Project 4
X_Out_Project 5

Polishes Used:

China Glaze – Grape Juice

Wet n Wild – On A Trip

Lynderella – Bride Of Franken

OPI – Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh?

Essie – Go Overboard

L.A. Colors Art Deco – White

SinfulColors Nail Art Polish – Black

I’m writing this post on 2 hours of sleep from way earlier today, so let’s see if I remember how I did this. 😛 I did gradients with Grape Juice, On A Trip, Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh?, and Going Overboard on my pointer, middle and pinky fingers. I used striping tape on my pinky to get the staggered striped pattern, and each gradient is different from the other but in the same color theme.

I then added a coat of Bride Of Franken on my pointer finger. And I used my black and white nail art pens to create the X on my middle finger. Finally I added microbeads in silver, purple, black and blue to my ring finger, topped my other three fingers with top coat and I was done! Below are some close-ups of each design. 😀
X_Out_Project 6
My pointer/index finger.
X_Out_Project 7
Middle finger.
X_Out_Project 9
Ring finger.
X_Out_Project 11
And my pinky, which is my favorite of all the ones I did for this manicure. If you’re wondering what base color I used then you’ll have to wait for that post later this week. 😉

X Out bottle and box
I was provided with images of the X-Out bottle, packaging, and their X-Out ‘manifesto’ to work with. I used the colors and patterns from both to come up with my nail art designs. ^_^

I hope you all enjoyed my NOTD, it’s not often that I can say a manicure of mine was for a greater cause other than creating lemmings. 😉 With the opportunity to help Pacer’s, I just couldn’t pass this up!

I’d like to again thank Proactiv, X-Out and Guthy-Renker for thinking of my blog for this amazing nail art project! 😀

NOTD: Barry M Croc Nail Effects (Crackle Redemption!)


Morning Y’all!

Never did I think I would utter these words: in 2012 I am enjoying a crackle effect nail polish! The shatter/crackle fad surged and died in 2011 and a few companies are still trying to tread water with it (oh haaaaay OPI and Pure Ice, I see you… ;-)), and the 892832.6 million crackles I have in my Ikea Helmers haven’t been touched since last summer. That was until Joanne sent me the crackle holy grail. The one crackle to rule them all…

Barry M Croc Nail Effects. The pattern with this crackle is everything that I wanted last years crackles to be, and everything that crackles were when they were first made popular by CoverGirl back in the 90s!

Let’s take a look at my new precious, shall we? 😀


Barry M Croc Nail Effects

Barry M Croc Effects 1
Barry M Croc Effects 3
I ended up using 1 thinner coat of Barry M Croc Nail Effects polish over Barry M Gold Foil. How awesome does this look? The pattern really does remind me of reptilian skin.

Me gusta. Me gusta mucho. ♥

This type of crackle behaves differently than the ones that were popular last year. You apply Barry M Croc Nail Effects while your base polish layer is still tacky, about 2-3 minutes after the base polish color is applied. Then after a few more minutes the crackle effect appears before your eyes as the polish dries. It’s really neat to watch! The thinner the coats, the smaller the pattern on your nails. :-)
Barry M Croc Nail Effects over RBL Ghost Ranch
This was a picture I shared on Instagram of another time I was wearing Barry M Croc Nail Effects. I layered it with Ghost Ranch by Rescue Beauty Lounge, which might be my new favorite combo with this crackle polish! My roommate said my nails looked like a ‘fancy handbag’, haha! 😀
Barry M Croc Shatter, Gold and Silver Foil Effects
And here are bottle shots of my precious Barry M Effects polishes: Croc Nail Effects, Gold Foil and Silver Foil (both of which can be seen in use [HERE]). I don’t own a lot of Barry M polishes, but now I think I need to expand my collection. 😀


That’s it for today. If you’re looking for Barry M polishes you can find them on Barry M’s Official Site or over at Harlow & Co!

Have any of you had the chance to try the Croc Nail Effects polish or something similar?

What do you think, crackle comeback or are you not swayed by the new type of crackle and think it’s time to move on to something new? :-)

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