This is a scheduled post because I’m most likely still on the beach in Big Bay! Today I’ve just got a few photos from some of my blog sale polishes. I’m slowly working my way through several of my recent blog sale purchases, so I think I’m going to make Sunday a spam day.  That way I can go through a few of my blog sale polishes at a time and make quick comments on them, does this sound good for to everyone?

Alright, onto the polish! :-)

Nubar – Lemon Sorbet

Nubar Lemon Sorbet
Lemon Sorbet is a banana yellow creme. It’s quite pale but not yet reaching the pastel state. This one was a bit streaky, but it leveled out after three coats. I used Essie Fill The Gap/Seche Vite as my base/top coat combo.

Missha – GR102

Missha GR102
GR102 is a neon green jelly with yellow undertones. I had to wait a bit between coats otherwise I got a bit of cuticle drag on this one, as the brush was a bit stiff. This polish was also quite sheer, this is five coats and I still have VNL! I would highly recommend wearing “underwear” (white base polish) with GR102. It does dry quite glossy, I did not use a top coat.

BB Couture – Glistening Sandz

BB Couture Glistening Sandz
Glistening Sandz is an orange coral creme, and we’re in love. 😛 The application on this one was phenomenal. The brush is long, soft and flexible. It has a thin formula but Glistening Sandz is still extremely pigmented. This could honestly be a one coater if you’re careful enough.
BB Couture Glistening Sandz
This is one coat, see what I mean?! 😀

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope everyone is having a good Sunday so far!