How To Properly Set A Wedding Table

Setting a proper wedding table doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be thoughtful. That is especially true if you are using wedding event rentals to obtain your china, glassware and flatware. You cannot run the risk of missing an important fork or spoon.

There are some basic rules for any place setting:
· Knife blades always face inward.
· Keep all utensils the same distance from the table edge.
· Napkins always go in the center or to the left of the forks.
· Don’t forget things like salt, pepper, butter, sugar and sugar alternatives.

There are three types of table settings: a basic table setting, an informal table setting and a formal table setting.

Basic Table Setting
This allows the most room for decorative pieces in the center, but is incredibly informal. With this place setting, you have a center plate or charger, a fork on the left, knife and spoon on the right, glass above the knife, a bread plate with butter knife above the fork and a napkin to left of the fork.

Informal Table Setting
This is an excellent way to accommodate a buffet wedding brunch or lunch. In this setting, there is a salad fork and an entrée fork to the left with the knife, teaspoon and dessert spoon to the right. There are two glasses, one for water and one for an additional beverage. The bread and butter plate remains above the forks with the salad plate to the right of the forks.

The dessert spoon and fork can be placed in one of two places: above the dinner plate horizontally or on the sides of the center plate area with the fork on the left, close to the plate. The spoon goes on the right side in between the dinner knife and soup spoon.

Formal Place Setting
A formal place setting is used when there are three or more courses in a meal. It includes more silverware to use with the various courses and additional glassware to also accommodate various wines that go with different courses.

In a formal place setting, the additional silverware could include things like a fish knife or a fruit spoon based on your menu. Place the silverware to work from outside in according to the courses. Dessert forks and spoons are brought in with the dessert.

Also place glassware according to use, moving from the right to the left with the water glass above the knives.

Whether you have a casual affair or a high formal event, setting a proper place setting and adding pretty flowers, candles and other décor, will make your guests feel special and demonstrate your elegance and class.

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