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Review: Alanna Renee Nail Polishes!


Alanna Renee Lacquers 2

Morning Lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a great Monday, or as great as a Monday can be anyway. 😉 Today I’ve got some very special nail polishes to share with you all. I’m excited to have the opportunity to review several nail polishes from the Australian indie polish creator, Alanna Renee! These special little treasures came to me all the way from Australia through the joint effort of Alanna herself and my wonderful IG pal, Natalia. Thanks so much ladies!! I especially loved the little Aussie koala stuffed animal and the nummy Caramello Koala candies stowed away in my care packages. 😀

I was given the option to pick out whichever Alanna Renee nail polishes that I wanted to try, and Alanna ended up throwing in a fourth one for me to play with as well. Enough of my rambling, let’s move on to the swatches! I’m using my new light box for the first time so hang in there with me while I adjust, haha!



Alanna Renee - Tranquil 1
First up is Tranquil, a gorgeous turquoise filled with lavender hex glitter, small light blue and purple hex glitter, large turquoise square glitter and small indigo flakes. This one is sooo pretty, but the lavender hex glitter was a little difficult to get out and turquoise square glitter flat out refused to leave the sides of the bottle. 😛 I inverted it, but I think I need to take a toothpick and jab the sides of my bottle to loosen their grip on the glass. I think I managed to get a single piece of square glitter on one nail, haha!
Alanna Renee - Tranquil 2
Alanna Renee - Tranquil 3
Alanna Renee - Tranquil 4
You see all that beautiful lavender and turquoise hex and square glitter in the bottle? Yeah, it’s still in there. 😉 I’ll wear this one again soon and try some other techniques to get that glitter to play nice. If I have better results I’ll update this post!

Even with the stubborn glitter, Tranquil is really beautiful. I’m a sucker for this color of nail polish and the glitter that did come out of the bottle really accented the base color nicely. It was like creating a jelly sandwich without having to layer two different nail polishes. This is 2 coats with a little bit of dabbing for a 3rd coat after fishing out some hex glitter.


Alanna Renee - Ablaze 1
Alanna Renee - Ablaze 2
Alanna Renee - Ablaze 3
Oh hell yes, you already know that Ablaze is my shizznuckle. 😀 Ablaze is a complex mix of yellow, orange and red shreds and yellow, orange, red and black hex glitter in a fiery orange jelly base. YESSS GAWWWWWD I am in love!! I used 3 coats here. There’s an epic crapton of things going on in this polish, so you definitely need a top coat to get everything nice and smooth. And as will all nail polish with shard glitter, making sure those pieces lie flat before adding top coat is a must for a smooth finish.

I want this on my toes. I don’t even care how atrocious the future glitter removal will be for it, haha! I will use the foil method on my toes if I have to. It’s just that serious. O_O

Milky Way

Alanna Renee - Milky Way 1
Alanna Renee - Milky Way 2
Alanna Renee - Milky Way 3
Milky Way was snuck into my care package by Alanna for me to try out. It’s a pretty glitter topcoat made up of orange-to-green and blue-to-purple colour shifting glitter of different shapes and sizes in a clear base. While it’s not anything particularly new to the glitter topper world, Milky Way is very pretty and application was superb. All I needed was 1 coat over my black base for a nice effect. The formula is very easy to work with versus most glitter toppers that have thick and sometimes goopy suspension bases. I see myself coming back to this one a lot to jazz up my vampy nail polishes.


Alanna Renee - Reptar 1
Alanna Renee - Reptar 2
Alanna Renee - Reptar 3
And finally, my favorite in my humble collection of Alanna Renee nail polishes…. Reptar!! I was already in love with the look of this nail polish from photos. And then I saw the name!! I mean, who else wasn’t obsessed with the Rugrats as a kid? Or babysat someone who was obsessed with the Rugrats for the more distinguished crowd. 😉 If you’re not familiar, Reptar is pretty much the most badass dinosaur (behind the HBICs in Jurassic Park anyway). I mean hello, Reptar On Ice anyone? 😀

Alanna Renee’s Reptar captures the essence of the original source flawlessly. It has orange and lavender hex glitter and smaller black, white and neon green hex glitter in a light green base. I LOVE this one. I ended up keeping Reptar on my nails after my swatching session and I’ve made a point to show it to everyone. It even got the coveted Boyfriend Seal Of Approval™!

I used 2 coats for full coverage. Reptar dries gritty and it has a monster appetite for topcoat. I used 2 coats of Gelous AND China Glaze Fast Forward topcoat. And today (2 days later) it’s back to being a little gritty to the touch. But in the days of Liquid Sandzzzz/etc. this is quite acceptable, and I actually like the texture. 😉
Alanna Renee Lacquers 1
And one more group bottle shot for you all because I was messing around with my new pop-up light box. It even comes with 4 backdrops! Fancy, eh? 😛

Final Thoughts:

I am absolutely smitten with the four Alanna Renee nail polishes that I currently own. I think all of them are great, but my favorites are definitely Ablaze and Reptar. If you’re looking for a great glitter topper, Milky Way is the one for you. And Tranquil would be flawless if not for the temperamental square and hex glitter, though I still love it even though it’s the ‘problem child’ of the group. :p

There are currently 10 nail polishes in Alanna Renee’s collection. And now that I’ve tried these four I definitely want to try the other ones!

Alanna Renee nail polishes are Big 3 (Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP) free, and the full list of ingredients can be found [HERE] via her website.

Purchase Info:

Alanna Renee nail polish is currently only available for purchase in Australia at, they retail for $7.99 AUD per 12ml bottle. Unfortunately due to the strict international shipping regulations with nail polish (classified as dangerous goods), international shipping is not offered at this time. :(

BUT!!!! Alanna is working with Shoppe Eclecticco in Singapore and Color 4 Nails in the U.S. to stock Alanna Renee polishes, and they both offer international shipping (pricing not confirmed yet)! So keep an eye out for news from Alanna Renee on when those two stockist will start supplying her collections. ^_^

To keep updated on Alanna Renee collections, news, etc… You can follow her on her blog, Facebook and Twitter.





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Review: Emily de Molly Black Forest!


Morning Everyone!

I’m suuuuuper pumped to be able to share this polish with you all today. I have been lusting over Emily de Molly polishes ever since I first stumbled across her Etsy shop earlier this past Spring. Sadly for me, she is based out of Australia and the turn around time for shipping nail polish from AUS was a staggering 3 months! And that’s if it showed up at all. As much as I loved her polishes, that was just too risky for me and I just came to the belief that I would never own a ‘de Molly’ polish. And after a while she stopped shipping internationally altogether on her Etsy page. :(

Then Leah Ann of Llarowe came to the rescue! She started to stock Emily de Molly! And my nails rejoiced, haha! I immediately snatched up Black Forest because it was at the top of my DO WANT list for months. ^_^


Emily de Molly – Black Forest

Emily de Molly - Black Forest 1
Emily de Molly - Black Forest 2
Emily de Molly Black Forest is a BEAST! This super black jelly is chock-full of multi-sized iridescent green hex glitter. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! I decided to layer 2 coats of Black Forest over 1 coat of black (A England Camelot), and oh-my-glob-you-guys, it’s beautiful!

The polish was easy to apply and I didn’t have to fish for glitter at all. I added a coat of Gelous before adding my top coat to get a super smooth finish. But you may not even need to do that. I didn’t wait for it to fully dry to see if it had any bumpy texture before adding my TC. 😛
Emily de Molly - Black Forest 3
Sorry guys, I could not get a decent macro shot of Black Forest to save my life! I took about 10 macro shots and this was the best one from the lot. Bah.

Final Thoughts:

I love Black Forest and I’m so happy that there is a way to acquire Emily de Molly polishes internationally now! The way I feel about Emily de Molly is the way I feel about Pokemon, GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! 😀

Purchase Info:

Emily de Molly polishes can be purchased from her Etsy Shop for residents of Australia only. Outside of Australia your current options are Llarowe or Shoppe Eclecticco, who both ship worldwide! Pricing ranges depending on the E-Tailer, so check each individual shop for pricing and shipping charges/policies. ^_^

For updates and previews of new collections, follow Emily de Molly on Facebook!

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